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Simple Office

Investment Properties

Some individuals have a specific property type in mind. It could be a small residential property, duplex, triplex etc., or a large multi-residential building. Alternately, it could be a mixed use commercial/residential situation, or possibly a plaza, industrial building or industrial multiple. Others may not have any focus, and just a sense that a real estate investment property may be a better long term in investment that financial based products.

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Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name is in two parts. First there’s the name you choose, then there’s the extension. Choosing the right domain name and extension for your business depends on several factors.

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How to Beat Stress

With business comes stress. It goes with the territory. Stress is dangerous. Stress can kill. There are ways to curb stress. Stress relief should be taught in business schools. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Nevertheless, there are stress relief routines that can make life a lot easier.

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How to Use Social Media Successfully

The task is to try to build a social media following for your company, on your website. This can be challenging. It isn’t as simple as setting up a Facebook account.

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Operating a Profitable Business

Its one thing to have great products and service to offer and sell, but will you make a profit from selling them? First you must have a business plan and model that proves your Gross and Net Profits will be sufficient. This is a separate exercise from that of operating profitably.

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News and Events - Incorporate

Incorporate for Success – BizTV Video Feature

Incorporate for Success – BizTV Video Feature
Incorporation is a little more expensive but it can make a very big difference to your business and your life.

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City Skyscrapers

8 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Business

1. Avoid not knowing the true/real market value of your business. Knowing what your business is really worth (from a qualified 3rd party) can save a lot of time and money and heartache (the HVAC company) 2. Avoid not having an offering memorandum. An offering memorandum will/should contain all the information a buyer would require [...]

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Know Your Critical Success Factors (CSFs)

Knowing the factors critical to your success (CSF’s) means knowing how to run your business far more efficiently profitably and by only doing (or prioritizing) those things that make the biggest difference to your customers and your bottom-line.

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What to Hand Out At Trade Shows

I guess we’ve all been there. We go to a trade show and we come home with a bag full of free, promotional goodies, mostly pens. The question for your company is what do you hand out at trade shows? What kind of handouts should you be using?

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What to Stop Doing

There are a few things that businesses can stop doing that will improve things considerably.

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Doing Your Research and Putting It To Work

How do you know your business will succeed and make money? How can you be sure you’ve built the right, or a better mousetrap? Which marketing tactics will work and give me the best bang for the buck? The answer to these and so many other essential questions is… research.

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Creative Problem Solving

Solving problems creatively isn’t something that just happens. You have to train yourself to deal with things differently. You have to train your mind to look for the unexpected. You have to change your routine.

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How to Plan For Start-up Success

Probably the first rule for any start-up business is focus. Without focus the way is murky from day one. You have to focus on the things that matter most. If you chart a path for yourself, you’ll always be aware of where you’re going and how to get there will be easier.

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Protecting Your Online Reputation

The internet has changed everything when it comes to the image or reputation of a business. Internet chat and social networking can go a long way toward damaging the good name of any business. People talk online, and they talk about business dealings they make. You can be sure that they talk about your business.

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Sim Card

Why You Need a Mobile Website

54% of Canadian cell phone users use smartphones. Within a year more people will access the web using a smartphone than with a PC or a Mac. 87% of the world is now using mobile devices. 49% of mobile web users have made at least one purchase from their device in the past 6 months.

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2012 Business Tax Rates

The following table shows the general and small business corporate income tax rates federally and for each province and territory for 2012. Small business rates are after deducting the small business deduction available to Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs). The small business rate applies to income up to the amount of the Business Limit. 2012 Corporate [...]

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The Business Plan – It’s All About The Summary

Business plans are misunderstood by some, dismissed by others and overestimated by still others.

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