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Go Paperless

Online businesses know the value of being paperless, but more traditional businesses cling to a lot of paper in the daily scheme of things. Going paperless can streamline your business in some significant ways.

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The Best Times to Look For Financing

Looking for additional financing is something to do only at the right time. If you are running a small business there may be other ways of generating income. A resourceful entrepreneur can often find new ways of bringing revenue into the business.

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Preliminary Name Search

Before you spend money on letterheads, business cards, and signage for your new business, make sure another company isn’t already using the name you had in mind. A preliminary name search lets you know whether there’s a business or trademark out there already using the name you wanted. Find out how to conduct the search in this article.

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Business Blogging

Blogging for Business

Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your website, and a chance for you to open your business to the wider online world. But to engage your readers, your blog has to provide valuable, engaging content. Have a look at how blogs can help your business, and what you can do to start posting!

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What is a Copyright?

You hear the word “copyright” all the time, but do you really know what a copyright is? If you’re a member of the arts world, you should know how copyrights can protect your intellectual property. Learn how copyrights work, and how you can use them to safeguard your artistic creations.

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Find a Smaller Bank to Start a Small Business

Small businesses need to rely on banks to some degree to not only start-up but to continue to operate. Often large, big city branches are deaf to the needs of the smaller entrepreneur, and other banking solutions are required.

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Being A Good Manager

Being a manager isn’t easy. Everyone hopes to attain a management role but once there, there are a lot of things you probably won’t know. People get MBAs and don’t know anything about managing.

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How to Run A Great Meeting

Your employees are gathered ’round the table in the conference room. They’re attentive, ready to be inspired, ready to be given direction. What do you say? Here’s how you can lead effective and engaging meetings that leave your staff members ready to tackle their duties.

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Business Man

Starting a Business While Still at Work

Starting a business and keeping a full-time job is challenging but people do it. Starting a business takes hard work and commitment. Doing it while still employed is harder but people do it every day.

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Why New Businesses Fail

Entrepreneurs who underestimate the challenges of starting a new business are likely to fail. A new business can succeed with hard work, attention to detail and careful research before starting. New businesses fail in alarming numbers and usually for the same set of reasons.

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Asking For Help

There comes a time in every business when help is needed. Asking for help can be tricky. Many people are ashamed to ask. Others are shy. Still others have no idea how to ask for help.

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Winning Back Lost Customers

Businesses lose customers for many reasons. Very often it’s about too much of the same thing in a particular region. If they can get something they need and the business is close that’s where they’ll go. This doesn’t mean that customer loyalty doesn’t exist. It means only that despite having businesses they happen to like, people look for convenience in shopping as well as quickness. They want it and they want it now. That makes holding on to customers difficult, but not impossible. All businesses lose customers. It is possible to get some of them back.

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Smart Business Cards

In a world of LinkedIn along with a website for everyone, business cards endure. A well designed business card is still a necessity in the business world. In many cultures a handshake is always accompanied by a business card being squeezed into somebody’s hand. A business card is a conversation starter.

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Are You an Entrepreneur?

Setting up a new business represents a total commitment. There will be long hours. There will be weeks with no revenue. there will be days you wished you were back at your old job. Entrepreneurship is a daunting undertaking. It is not for the faint of heart. It requires commitment, endurance, enthusiasm and versatility. You will work Sundays and most holidays. You will take phone calls after hours and have email pushed to your smartphone day and night. Being an entrepreneur is more than a full time job. It’s bigger than a full time job. Being an entrepreneur is being all things all at once and doing it all the time.

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Visualizing Every Aspect Of Your Business

Turn off the phone, close your office door, put the dog outside or go to a coffee shop (a quiet table). Then literally “see” yourself go through a typical day and experience every aspect of your business and learn from what you see.

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Rewards Motivate Employees

All people are motivated by rewards of some kind, so rewarding employees is a tried and true method of building staff morale and motivation.

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Test Launching Your Business

Your business only has one chance to make a first impression. That’s why you might want to do a test launch for your business before the grand opening. With a trial run, you’ll be able to gauge how people react to your new operation and get a better understanding what motivates your customers. See how to create a test launch for your business.

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