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How to Set Up Your Company Email

Company email is very important. Email is still the primary communication tool for businesses. Setting up your company email the right way will make a difference.

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Keep Your Books, Keep Your Money – BizTV Video Feature

With all that a small business owner has to deal with from day to day, the maintenance of immaculate records may not be high on the priority list. Updating your books, though, is an essential practice. In this video feature from BizTV, you’ll see out how monthly, and even quarterly updates to your books can help you save money and stay ahead of the taxman.

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How to Communicate in a Winning Way

In business, communicating effectively is an essential. Too many entrepreneurs and managers ignore simple protocols of communication that can make or break a relationship with a staff member or business associate. If you expect people to respond positively there are certain things you have to pay attention to.

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Business Time

How to Stay Fresh and Productive

Most entrepreneurs try to do everything, even with a skilled staff around. It goes with the turf. The problem is that for many burn-out is an issue. Staying fresh and alert all day is an important way to be more productive and also do a little something for your physical and mental health.

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15 Tax-saving strategies

Before 2012 runs out, put these strategies to work and see the saving on your next tax return. From interest deductions to inventory tallies to charitable donations, we’ve complied a range of tips that you can use now to help you save cash down the road. Get them done before December 31 and you’ll have another reason to raise a glass of bubbly at midnight.

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How Facebook Can improve Business

Facebook connects people. It connects them as they walk down the street using a smartphone. It connects them round the clock. It can also connect your business to people. Social media marketing can improve sales by creating engagement between you and the public.

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Your Window To The World

The benefits of a business website are that you can instantly and easily launch (and un-launch) any aspect of business, your products and services, promotions and pricing, any informational content you choose, methods of interacting such as reply forms, request for quotes or information, etc.

You need a website – but what is the right approach for you and what are the steps to get on-line?

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How to Build Profitability

Profitability depends on many factors – converting leads, adding additional sales to single sales events, offering products and services that matter to people, and controlling overhead all influence your margin. Margin is your gross profit per sale.

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How to Get Started in Business

You’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, you have a great business idea, and now you’re eager to start your own company. Fantastic! Now descend from the clouds and start writing your business plan. We’ll show you how to shape it, and what steps you need to take after that to get your startup running – from coming up with a name to finding financing.

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How to Launch Your Business

If you’re starting a business it all begins with an idea, an idea you’ve probably nursed for a long time. Most new businesses are started from scratch using a person’s know-how and past experience. Launching a business requires some critical primary steps. Research is an essential first step. Know your sector, your region and the demographic associated with it. Don’t jump in without conducting enough research to give you confidence in your venture. Test your business on a small scale before committing to a full launch.

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How to Use Your Website

Use your site to position your company on the business spectrum, and reinforce your brand with good design, smart copy, and an engaging web experience for your visitors. Your website is a front door to your company. Your brand is built into the site. Your site’s brand image must reflect your corporate identity. Visitors should remember your site.

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How to Get on the Web

It takes more than a website to forge a successful online presence, but a website is a good start. Tack on to that website a few business email addresses, a little search engine optimization, and some engaging content, and now you’re making an impact on the web. Read on to see how you can make your business shine online.

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How to Choose and Set Up A Location

Three main physical location options are a home-based business, a retail location and a commercial location. Even if you are not “Home Based” you can work some or all of the time from your home in which case you can expense many of your home costs

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Just Get To It

Putting things off to the very last minute can become a crippling habit in any business. Procrastination leads to inertia, and an end to any enthusiasm or motivation.

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How to Build a Great Team

Building a great team is not easy. It takes leadership and it takes a knowledge of people, their work habits and a firm understanding of the company mission.

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Business Tech

Tech Marketing Musts

There are technology tools available to help market any business. It starts with understanding certain key technologies that are essential for effective marketing in today’s world.

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How to Use an Email Blitz

If your business is fortunate enough to have a list of customer email addresses, using that list to improve sales can work. However, sending email to a customer or client has to be handled very carefully. We are deluged with unwanted email and spam day and night. The last thing anyone wants from your business is what is seen as useless trash.

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