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Save more in your Tax Free Savings Account

The Canadian government has a little present for you to ring in the new year – some extra room for contributions to your Tax Free Savings Account! See what changes come into effect for TFSAs in 2013 and how you can make the most of your account.

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How to Find Success

We covet it. We want it, yet many of us don’t know the route to true success. It’s really pretty simple.

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How To Create Start-Up Success

All entrepreneurs start businesses for one reason, to succeed. Yet so many new businesses fail in the first year. There is no guarantee of success in anything but there are certain principles that will give your new business a much better chance.

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How to Reduce Stress for Employees

There are a few tried and true methods of reducing stress, from having a good diet to exercise, but stress in the workplace can often be combated with a few tips for managers.

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The Truth About Multitasking

Much has been written about the virtues of multitasking and how workers at all levels will benefit the company and themselves by being able to handle several important functions at the same time. However, there is a body of thought appearing now that says multitasking is not only counter-productive, it can be harmful.

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High Prices are Often Better than Low Prices

Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to consumer perceptions of products. We are conditioned to associating higher prices with premium items. We will pay more for a designer label. We will pay more for a Lexus. We know going in that the price is high, but we form a mental justification for the additional cost based on several factors.

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How to Develop Loyal Customers

Build loyalty from your clients and customers by paying attention to a few important details that matter.

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Misconceptions About Home Based Businesses

There are many myths attached to setting up a home based business. In fact, working from home can provide an excellent path to starting a new business. Here are a few common misconceptions about home based businesses.

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A World Without Your Smartphone

You leave the house on your way to work. You get in the car, drive away, get ten minutes down the road, then suddenly that horrible realization. “I left my smartphone back home.” Horrors! What now?

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How To Be A Better Boss

Employees regularly complain about their bosses. Much of this is all part of the work experience. Many people have difficulty dealing with any authority figure. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to improve your status with staff.

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How to Fight a Leading Brand

Some brands become so dominant that their names are synonymous with the product type. We take it for granted, but think about it – Kleenex, Coke, Band-Aid. These are products that have embedded their names in such a way that the name itself is the product. How many people ask for a tissue? Coke is any cola drink, and we all use Band-Aids, regardless of who makes them. How about Jello?

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Are You A Bad Leader?

So you think you’re a great leader. Maybe.

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How to Have a Career You Love

Most people dislike their jobs, or at least would opt for something else, if it were available. Most people dream about finding something they love to do but that rarely happens. Well it can happen. You can take a passion and turn it into a business or job you love. What it takes is a few steps and a lot of commitment.

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How to Use Positive Criticism

From time to time a manager has to be critical of an employee. It goes with the turf. Praise is easy, but being critical can be tricky for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that the person you’re criticizing may be your best employee. Regardless, things go wrong in every business and if it’s appropriate, something has to be said.

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How to Build the Right Team

Even the smallest businesses rely on some form of team playing. Assembling the right team is essential to building a cohesive, well run operation.

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Sales People

How Not to Oversell

A good sales professional knows that most people don’t like “being sold”. For many people, shopping involves self selling, with the help of a sales person. Overselling is one of the biggest mistakes a salesperson can make. Overselling runs the risk of turning the customer off, and while you might get that sale, the chances of a return visit or a referral are diminished. People don’t want to feel they were pressured into any purchase and it takes a good salesperson to understand that, and to set selling parameters to keep the customer comfortable not only with the products being offered but comfortable with having made the purchase.

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How to Attract The Right People to Your Website

A slew of visitors to your website is great… If those visitors are in your target market. Your website gives you a worldwide audience, but are surfers from every corner of the world really interested in your business? In this article we look at how to identify your web audience, create catchy content that will draw in viewers and keep them clicking through your site, and why it’s important to establish a brand for your website.

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