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Why Your Customers May Not Trust You

You may be a great person and you may think you’ve done everything right in running your business, but get this, you clients or customers may not trust you. Believe it.

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How to Restore Your Reputation

Reputation management is a new phrase making the rounds these days, whether it’s Lance Armstrong or Roger Clemens. We read about more an more companies and individuals working on restoring tarnished reputations. If your company or you, personally, have had to deal with a blow to an up to now sterling reputation, there is a right way to go about repairing things. A battered reputation can be repaired, but it can’t happen overnight.

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What’s Hard About Running A Business?

What’s hard about running A business? Almost everything. Ask business people what the hardest things are about running a business and you’ll get dozens of answers. There are many challenges, and nobody is perfect. Some are bad with finances. Others are nervous about hiring and delegating. Many lack organizational skills.

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How to Stay Focused

Entrepreneurs are usually dealing with so many things in the course of a business day that staying focused on things that really need to get done is a challenge. Email, phone calls, staff at your office door. There is an endless stream coming at you all day.

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How to Use Email Marketing

Marketing with email can work for your business. There are ways to utilize email that will bring visitors to your website and raise the visibility of your business.

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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

When businesses don’t grow, the excuses start pouring out. Entrepreneurs are often not willing to look it straight in the eye and take responsibility for a bad year or bad quarter. There are many excuses that immediately flow.

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The Real Reason They Quit is The Boss

Employee satisfaction and happiness matter. Company culture plays a huge role in productivity and it also has a meaningful role in why people quit their jobs. It’s the boss. Most people who leave good jobs leave because of the person they report directly to. What does this say about company cultures?

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Why You Should Create a Blog

Creating a blog for your business allows you to express the essence of your company to a broad audience. While it is not advised that you use a blog in an opinionated way, it is a place to talk about your business, it’s accomplishments, its history. It’s a way for you to keep your target audience always up to date about just what the company is doing.

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Is Your Business On Track?

It’s very important to assess your business at least once a year. Look back at the goals you’ve set. Which ones were achieved? Which ones were not? How many are ongoing? Examining the goals you set and how the company has done in achieving them is essential to future planning.

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Avoid These Tech Mistakes

When it comes to the tech side of a new business many entrepreneurs get caught in the trap of spending too much money. Nobody wants to spend too much on any part of a business start-up, but IT and technical issues can add a lot of unnecessary spending to the process.

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How to Achieve Your Goals

Success is something all entrepreneurs seek. A key to success is setting achievable goals that are realistic and will help you move forward. Attached to goal setting are some important things to remember.

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How to Boost Your Productivity

If you have something you know has to be done and you worry about the time it will take to actually get it accomplished, there are ways of ensuring that almost any task can be finished on time.

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How to Repair Your Brand

A brand can get broken if a company outgrows it. It can be damaged by a shifting consumer base which no longer sees the company the way you think it does. People become confused with exactly what your business is all about. If you determine that there has been brand erosion, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the company. What it means is that the brand has to be re-evaluated and carefully deployed to the right target audience. You have to analyze just what the brand really is in the here and now.

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How to Work From Home Effectively

You can work from home and maintain a very professional image. There is no reason why home based businesses should be any different than traditional ones, but it’s important to know how to run things the right way.

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A Few Small Secrets to Business Growth

Don’t underestimate the influence of a company’s culture as a builder of company growth. Customers and clients are more comfortable dealing with a work force that is likeable and easy to communicate with. Businesses grow with customer loyalty, and that loyalty is often directly related to the personality of a staff.

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What to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business

The first thing to be sure of is how committed you are to actually doing it. Is this a business you’ve dreamed about starting? Did you arrive at it by accident? Was it somehow handed to you? Starting a business demands dedication. You have to really want it, and you have to know that nobody can do it for you. So commitment is a prerequisite of any foray into the world of business. Are you committed?

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Management and Leadership. Are They The Same?

Management is not leadership. These are two very different aspects of running a business. A manager and a leader play different roles in a company. This is often confused, and many times that confusion exists within companies to the point of dulling the effectiveness of those who are managers and the ones who could be leaders. This of course depends on the size of the business. There are small companies that are managed by the person or persons who provide the leadership. It’s different in bigger companies.

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