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Smart Marketing

Whatever you do, keep it simple. Evaluate your typical consumer and address that customer’s needs. People look for clarity. Make it easy to understand and remember, simple marketing is effective marketing.

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How to Stay Positive

Running a business is easier if you approach everything with a positive attitude. You may be down for any number of legitimate reasons, and this can stand in the way of productivity. Being in a positive state of mind will pull you out of your down mood. Positivity also boosts your effectiveness when everything is going well.

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How to Plan a Business Without Spending Money

It is possible. You can get a business to the point of launch without spending any money.

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How Procrastination Can Turn Productive

Taking breaks through a work day is a good thing to do. Today more and more people are stuck at a desk for 8 or 9 hours. Breaks are limited. The sad truth here is that after 40 minutes most people lose focus. That means focus has to be renewed in order to be truly productive. This means that taking breaks is important, but what kind of breaks. Well there are good breaks and not so good ones.

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Online Marketing. What Not To Believe

Online marketing is all the rage. The problem is business owners just don’t know enough about online marketing and what to really expect.

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How to Build a Real Network

Networking sits near the top of any list on how to run a business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs see networking as building up numbers. This isn’t how to go about networking effectively.

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Email Marketing. What You Need to Know

Email marketing can be a very important method of staying in touch with your client base. You can send a lot of emails to your clients as long as you pay attention to subject lines and avoid appearing like spam. Make sure any message you send out is fresh and informative.

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How to Succeed as a Start-up

There is no easy answer to how to make a start-up business successful. 96 percent of new businesses survive the first year. 85 percent survive three years, and 70 percent make it to five years. Are there ways to ensure success? Well there is no silver bullet, but there are some things that every new entrepreneur should pay attention to.

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How To Be Innovative

Innovation means finding ways to bring unique products to market and differentiating your business from the competition.

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Why Your Website May Be Done

You may love your website and it may have served you well, but take a good look. Is it what it needs to be in the here and now?

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How to Have Shorter, Smarter Meetings

Most meetings are a waste of time. Now most people reading this will deny that but the simple fact is companies have a culture of meetings. Meetings are considered a vital tool by most managers. Get this. They are not vital tools. They are usually a boring waste of time. If you must have meetings they should be short and sweet. Here are a few worthwhile pointers.

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How to Spot a Weak Leader

This may be you. Weak leaders often pose as strong leaders. You may believe you’re a strong, purposeful, effective leader. Sadly, you may not be. Too often people running companies and leading teams are not dependable, not in the know, and not very good at leading a team.

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Web Site

Check the subways. Look around at the mall. People have their attention fixed on their smartphones. It’s everywhere. Now it’s surfing, email social media and, not the least, shopping. Yes, people are shopping from their smartphones, and they do comparison shopping in any store. Smartphone users now outnumber desktop computer users.

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How to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Building a business means innovating. Innovation doesn’t mean inventing things. It means finding ways of differentiating your business from the competition, finding an ideal position and staying there. Innovation means good ideas. It means good marketing strategies.

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Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

Everyone wants to operate a business. People dream about it. Being ruler of your own domain is very attractive to most people. Furthermore, most people dislike their jobs. Business success is built on a foundation that starts back in the childhood home and extends through school to that day job you may not like too much. Good employees tend to graduate as solid entrepreneurs. There is no silver bullet. Business success is something that has its roots in where you came from.

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Why Your Great Ideas May Not Be Enough

Starting a business can be a lonely endeavour. Be aware of this. You need a support system to function. You may have a partner or employees. You have to do your utmost to use them. You need them. You have to get them on the same page. Don’t go it alone. If you have a partner look for balance. That partner should bring something you don’t bring. Look for employees who have passion and commitment. You need that. You have to create a team of compatible players. You have to be surrounded by types who will ride things out with you, good or bad.

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Dare to Fail

Nobody starts out wanting to fail. If that is destined, it will happen. But make no mistake, we learn from failure and we learn a lot from it. Sometimes it the little failures we all deal with in a lifetime. It doesn’t have to be learned from a massive, catastrophe.

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