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How to Spruce Up Your Brand

A company brand is not static. It changes over time. It’s important to regularly re-evaluate your brand and do what it takes to restore it to where you know it has to be.

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What a Start-Up Doesn’t Need (Immediately)

Start small, then build. Too many new entrepreneurs put the emphasis on the wrong things. The big things can come later.

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What Your Company Email Says About You

You’ve seen it. Somebody sends you a business email from a Gmail or Hotmail account. Business emails arrive with silly or useless signatures. Why don’t they learn? Think It Out Know this. The domain you choose says everything about you and that is the email address you have to use. Not Gmail. Not Hotmail. Not [...]

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What Makes Your Business Unique?

Very often the products and services offered by a business are identical to those being offered by the competition.

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How to Make Social Media Work For You

Make sure that social media really works for your business. If it’s working right your company will benefit from being known on the web. If it’s wrong the brand will suffer. It has to be right.

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Online Marketing. What Not To Believe

Online marketing is all the rage. The problem is business owners just don’t know enough about online marketing and what to really expect.

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Email Marketing. What You Need to Know

Email marketing can be a very important method of staying in touch with your client base. You can send a lot of emails to your clients as long as you pay attention to subject lines and avoid appearing like spam. Make sure any message you send out is fresh and informative.

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Public Speaking Made Easy

Public speaking is probably one of the most dreaded of the things we may face as head of a company. Like it or not, at some point it will probably happen. It can happen at a trade show, at a convention. It can happen if you’re involved with any civic or charitable groups. Be prepared. Chances are you’ll be doing it sooner or later.

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Why You Should Create a Blog

Creating a blog for your business allows you to express the essence of your company to a broad audience. While it is not advised that you use a blog in an opinionated way, it is a place to talk about your business, it’s accomplishments, its history. It’s a way for you to keep your target audience always up to date about just what the company is doing.

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High Prices are Often Better than Low Prices

Cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to consumer perceptions of products. We are conditioned to associating higher prices with premium items. We will pay more for a designer label. We will pay more for a Lexus. We know going in that the price is high, but we form a mental justification for the additional cost based on several factors.

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How to Develop Loyal Customers

Build loyalty from your clients and customers by paying attention to a few important details that matter.

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How to Fight a Leading Brand

Some brands become so dominant that their names are synonymous with the product type. We take it for granted, but think about it – Kleenex, Coke, Band-Aid. These are products that have embedded their names in such a way that the name itself is the product. How many people ask for a tissue? Coke is any cola drink, and we all use Band-Aids, regardless of who makes them. How about Jello?

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How to Network Right

Networking is an essential part of marketing your business. It’s a method of finding leads, creating business associations and learning what the competition is doing. It’s a way for you to sell your business to anyone who will listen. Many entrepreneurs have a problem networking. They don’t really understand what is necessary for truly effective networking.

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Your Site Has to Engage Quickly

Your company website has very little time to engage first time visitors. People make decisions very quickly while surfing the web. A site that is well designed, that clearly shows what the company offers and for what price will grab attention and lead to sales. Poorly designed websites will not pass the test. You probably have ten to twenty seconds to hold them or loose them.

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How Facebook Can improve Business

Facebook connects people. It connects them as they walk down the street using a smartphone. It connects them round the clock. It can also connect your business to people. Social media marketing can improve sales by creating engagement between you and the public.

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Your Window To The World

The benefits of a business website are that you can instantly and easily launch (and un-launch) any aspect of business, your products and services, promotions and pricing, any informational content you choose, methods of interacting such as reply forms, request for quotes or information, etc.

You need a website – but what is the right approach for you and what are the steps to get on-line?

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Business Tech

Tech Marketing Musts

There are technology tools available to help market any business. It starts with understanding certain key technologies that are essential for effective marketing in today’s world.

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