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How to Talk the Talk

The road to success in business is filled with roadblocks and ups and downs but there are approaches to take that can make it all a lot easier. It really all comes down to being able to talk about your company and do it effectively.

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How Social Media Marketing Can Work For You

t takes time for a company to actually see benefits from being involved with social media. Businesses often jump in with high hopes for fast returns.

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How to Lay Back and Make Sales

Sales fall apart just when you think they’re closed. This is something that happens in sales environments all the time, and it’s usually for one reason, the hard sell.

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What Your Company Email Says About You

You’ve seen it. Somebody sends you a business email from a Gmail or Hotmail account. Business emails arrive with silly or useless signatures. Why don’t they learn? Think It Out Know this. The domain you choose says everything about you and that is the email address you have to use. Not Gmail. Not Hotmail. Not [...]

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What Leaders Should Say

As the owner of a business, what you say and how you say it can have an impact on how your business runs. What you say is very revealing about your leadership skills. Knowing what words to use and when to use them can affect the success of the business.

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How to Make Social Media Work For You

Make sure that social media really works for your business. If it’s working right your company will benefit from being known on the web. If it’s wrong the brand will suffer. It has to be right.

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Email Marketing. What You Need to Know

Email marketing can be a very important method of staying in touch with your client base. You can send a lot of emails to your clients as long as you pay attention to subject lines and avoid appearing like spam. Make sure any message you send out is fresh and informative.

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How to Speak Effectively in Business

Do people communicate effectively in the business world? Some feel communication is at an all time low. It isn’t just an inability to communicate that seems to plague a lot of people, it’s also the way people communicate. Things have changed. We speak differently now than we did even ten years ago.

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Public Speaking Made Easy

Public speaking is probably one of the most dreaded of the things we may face as head of a company. Like it or not, at some point it will probably happen. It can happen at a trade show, at a convention. It can happen if you’re involved with any civic or charitable groups. Be prepared. Chances are you’ll be doing it sooner or later.

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How to Use Email Marketing

Marketing with email can work for your business. There are ways to utilize email that will bring visitors to your website and raise the visibility of your business.

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How to Make Someone’s Day

As a manager you can really make someone’s day by paying attention to some of the things you say and do. It comes down to attitude. If employees perceive you as an approachable, humble, yet still confident individual, you can make every day special. You can make someone happy.

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Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

You may not reach billions or even millions, but if you hit a nice 100,000, that would be sweet. What this means is that you need some sort of video capability. It can be as simple as a $200 camera and a pair of lights. Lights to give your videos a slightly professional look. Once you decide on what you want to put on a video or set of videos, start shooting. Now don’t make the mistake of shooting like a rank amateur. Give it some thought. Read a “For Dummies” book. learn how to use your lights, then shoot away.

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A World Without Your Smartphone

You leave the house on your way to work. You get in the car, drive away, get ten minutes down the road, then suddenly that horrible realization. “I left my smartphone back home.” Horrors! What now?

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How Not to Write Email

Sending an email message that is sent with emotion and/or impulse can be a serious mistake. You may not have had any negative intentions, but certain emails have ways of making the person at the other end uncomfortable, even angry. Hold back before you send, regardless of how you may feel at that particular moment. Remember, you are dealing with people you work with. You are dealing with clients or customers. You are dealing with associates. Email can be potent. Even if you intend on making a firm statement, it can be worded in ways that don’t anger or offend.

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How to Set Up Your Company Email

Company email is very important. Email is still the primary communication tool for businesses. Setting up your company email the right way will make a difference.

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How to Communicate in a Winning Way

In business, communicating effectively is an essential. Too many entrepreneurs and managers ignore simple protocols of communication that can make or break a relationship with a staff member or business associate. If you expect people to respond positively there are certain things you have to pay attention to.

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How to Use an Email Blitz

If your business is fortunate enough to have a list of customer email addresses, using that list to improve sales can work. However, sending email to a customer or client has to be handled very carefully. We are deluged with unwanted email and spam day and night. The last thing anyone wants from your business is what is seen as useless trash.

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