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Online Marketing. What Not To Believe

Online marketing is all the rage. The problem is business owners just don’t know enough about online marketing and what to really expect.

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Why Your Website May Be Done

You may love your website and it may have served you well, but take a good look. Is it what it needs to be in the here and now?

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Web Site

Check the subways. Look around at the mall. People have their attention fixed on their smartphones. It’s everywhere. Now it’s surfing, email social media and, not the least, shopping. Yes, people are shopping from their smartphones, and they do comparison shopping in any store. Smartphone users now outnumber desktop computer users.

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Avoid These Tech Mistakes

When it comes to the tech side of a new business many entrepreneurs get caught in the trap of spending too much money. Nobody wants to spend too much on any part of a business start-up, but IT and technical issues can add a lot of unnecessary spending to the process.

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Are You Ready For E-Commerce?

It took the Internet five years to reach 100 million users. Compare that to radio and television and we see a proliferation of users that so transcends anything that came before that nothing in the history of human communication can compare.

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