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How to Grow Mushrooms with the Right Tools & Supplies

Mushrooms Can Help Save the World – Paul Stamets You want to save time and money and grow a fresh product that you want to be proud of. Some people view it as a hobby, others just love growing them and you have a third kind who just want to know how to grow them. [...]

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How to Break Out of Your Funk

It happens. We face disappointment all the time in life. We sometimes allow that to take us into long running funks, which can’t help you or your business. Sadness and frustration can get the most of anybody, but it’s not unusual. The problem is that this is all a distraction that will take you away [...]

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Quit Your Day Job?

It’s very common for people to start small businesses while working for somebody else. The big question they all face is when to quit that day job.

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How Workaholics Anonymous Helps

There is an organization called Workaholics Anonymous. The requirement for all members is the desire to stop working compulsively.

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Best Business Breakfast

Your performance is closely related to what you eat, and breakfast, as you remember from your schooldays, is the most important meal of the day.

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How To Network With Important People

Networking is an essential part of running a business, but connecting with people of influence is the prize.

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Be Careful With Your Smartphone

Most police officers picture themselves arresting bank robbers and burglars, not hunting down stolen smartphones. This is the new reality of the world we inhabit. Smartphone theft is a growing problem and business people are being victimized in big cities daily.

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Leave The Office And Work From A Coffee Shop

There’s nothing wrong with it, as long as you’re the boss. This is something mere staff members would only get away with in the most enlightened companies, and we all know how many of those we have in this country.

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How To Be Super-Productive

There are people who simply know how to get things done. Hard work is only part of the reason these people are productive.

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How Diet Can Affect Your Work

What you eat can impact how you work. Concentration has a lot to do with what you put into your body. many entrepreneurs make a habit of skipping breakfast, even lunch and this feeds one thin, stress. Your body needs nurturing not only for your overall health but also for the mind.

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Things To Consider Before Starting A Business

If you are working in a job you kind of like, but that itch to start a business is always there, remember that it isn’t easy to just pick up and leave.

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How to Appear Successful

If you think it doesn’t matter, think again. How you look, how you come across, has a tremendous effect on how you are perceived and how successful you’ll be. Yes looks matter. Not drop dead movie star looks. Looking right. Looking like a person with success. This is what good looks in business are. That and a few other things can make you appear successful.

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Sitting is The New Smoking

In Japan, large companies of all kinds have workout rooms for staff. Places people can go and ride a stationery bike, or use a paddle machine. We don’t have those. We are cursed to live shorter, less healthy lives because we sit all day. The average person sleeps 7.7 hours a night, and sits 9 to 10 hours a day, and that’s if they don’t spend 4 solid hours in front of the TV at night.

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How To Get Out of Personal Debt

Small businesses are generally in debt from day one. Small business owners have their share of personal debt. Managing your business is hard enough but having business and personal debt can work against everything you’re trying to build. They shouldn’t coexist.

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Being Your Own Boss

If you want to be your own boss, then you have to start a business. Whatever you do, do something you know, or at least have reasonable connections to. No idea will flourish if you enter a world you know little or nothing about. Start by knowing that what you are about to do falls into a comfort zone that works. Think twice before jumping into something totally foreign.

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How To Be Productive Working From Home

Many dream of working from home, and many do work from home. It has a lot of advantages, but home workers often site things like access to a full compliment of office equipment or family distractions as reasons to go back to the main office. Now all of this assumes that you are not a home based business, but an employee working away from the office. It’s a growing trend as business try to reduce costs without cutting staff.

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How to Stay Positive

Running a business is easier if you approach everything with a positive attitude. You may be down for any number of legitimate reasons, and this can stand in the way of productivity. Being in a positive state of mind will pull you out of your down mood. Positivity also boosts your effectiveness when everything is going well.

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