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How Procrastination Can Turn Productive

Taking breaks through a work day is a good thing to do. Today more and more people are stuck at a desk for 8 or 9 hours. Breaks are limited. The sad truth here is that after 40 minutes most people lose focus. That means focus has to be renewed in order to be truly productive. This means that taking breaks is important, but what kind of breaks. Well there are good breaks and not so good ones.

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How to Change your Routine And Be Happier

Being successful at anything brings happiness, but many people in business are not happy, or not happy enough, regardless of the success of the business. Personal happiness is also a sign of success. Changing your routine, just a little, can make you happier. It’s true.

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How to Get More Done. Really…

You may not believe it but so many of the things we take for granted in our daily business life really consume time and in the end don’t help in getting things done. Here are a few things to think about.

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How to Find Success

We covet it. We want it, yet many of us don’t know the route to true success. It’s really pretty simple.

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A World Without Your Smartphone

You leave the house on your way to work. You get in the car, drive away, get ten minutes down the road, then suddenly that horrible realization. “I left my smartphone back home.” Horrors! What now?

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How to Deal With Smartphone Search

We have entered a new era of shopping. People now go into business establishments armed with smartphones and sometimes tablets, and they search out anything they are interested in buying using one of these devices. They compare prices to what they see in front of them, and they then make a buying decision. How the world has changed.

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You Don’t Have to be a Workaholic to Win in Business

There are many who think that succeeding in business requires dedicating 60 or 80 hours per week and a never ending stream of email pouring into smartphones, tablets and computers. Being a workaholic has some appeal to people who think their business will collapse unless the 80 hours is put in week after week, but this is simply not the case anymore.

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Mobile Phone

The Decline of VoiceMail

A technology in decline. That would best describe something we all counted on up until very recently. Voicemail has taken a tremendous hit and it’s been hit by something called texting. Really why wait for a canned recording and a beep to leave a message, when all you have to do it pick up your smartphone and send an instant text message, and expect an instant reply?

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How to Beat Stress

With business comes stress. It goes with the territory. Stress is dangerous. Stress can kill. There are ways to curb stress. Stress relief should be taught in business schools. Unfortunately, it isn’t. Nevertheless, there are stress relief routines that can make life a lot easier.

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Can Your Private Life CoExist With a Digital World?

Once upon a time, work/life balance was about the hours you spent at the office vs. the hours you spent at home. Not anymore. The digital world has changed that forever. Now everyone is connected 24/7.

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Business group meeting

Starting a Business at 60

It has been said that the 60 year old of today is the 50 year old of the past. There is definitely a different dynamic at work with the current crop of people aged 60 or older. The first thing is to carefully plan a direction to take. Take your time with this and weigh all the options open to you. Make sure the business you choose presents as few risks as possible.

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Giving Back to Your Community is Good for Business

Stepping up for your community is a good idea, not only because of the good you can do, but also for the benefits it can provide to your business. The act of giving is such a positive thing and it’s something that will make you feel good while benefiting others. As a business person, your [...]

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Business People

Boost Productivity With Accountability

Have you ever tried to do something and for some crazy reason you just never seem to get it done? Of course you have! Distractions, interruptions, chaos, too much to do and a whole host of other reasons can throw our best intentions out the window. Let me share one of the most sure fire ways to keep you on track.

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Starting a Business at a Young Age

Starting a business at a young age can be your key to long-term success. Older business people all say “don’t wait, start now!” They will all tell you they wish they had started their business years before they did. For the first time ever, businesses can have worldwide reach without enormous expense and infrastructure. Young entrepreneurs adapt quickly, are tech savvy, and grew up using the technology all businesses need to succeed.

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