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New Tax Credit for Search and Rescue Volunteers from the Government of Canada

  The search and rescue volunteers tax credit will be available to search and rescue volunteers who perform at least 200 hours of eligible service during a year, and provides up to $450 in tax savings for these dedicated individuals as they serve their communities. Quick facts: In Canada, search and rescue is a shared [...]

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How to Brainstorm Effectively

Have a main focus and keep things tight. You don’t want a brainstorming session to go off the map. Keeping it focused means having a few constraints in place. Constraints don’t hold back good ideas. They simply keep things on track, so that a brainstorming session can be achieved in a reasonable time frame.

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Misconceptions About Home Based Businesses

There are many myths attached to setting up a home based business. In fact, working from home can provide an excellent path to starting a new business. Here are a few common misconceptions about home based businesses.

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