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How to Run Your Business From a Smartphone or Tablet

It can be done. You can effectively operate your business without using a desktop or laptop. You can run a business using a smartphone or tablet, provided you have the right apps. Apps There are hundreds of thousands of apps available on all the major platforms combined. What you have to know is which ones [...]

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Get Real

When you first start out it’s natural to expect things to be challenging, but still within reach. In reality, the challenges are usually bigger.

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What Every Entrepreneur Should Stop Doing

Too many new entrepreneurs waste time on things that never pay off. There is a learning curve to business.

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Create a Company Culture That Attracts The Best

Every company has to do its best to find the best people. It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is, without talented, motivated people you are not going far.

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How To Hire The Right People

There are certain traits that make people ideal hires. Pay attention to these qualities the next time you hire staff.

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Is It Time To Drop PC’s?

We live in a world of smartphones and tablets. It’s also a world of mobile employees. So the question is, can your business operate PC free

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How To Hire For a Start-Up

Hiring for a new business is not the same as hiring for an established company. No new company can guarantee anyone that they’ll be around in a year or two. People interviewing for positions with a start-up should understand that without asking the perennial interview question, “what guarantee is there that the company will be successful. Well, hello, there is no guarantee with a start-up, an that is where the criteria for judging new hires at a start-up begins.

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Who are Treps? What You Should Know

People under the age of 30 are building businesses faster than any generation before them. We hear about business success spawned from a university dorm room, but there is much more to this. A new breed of entrepreneur is using familiar technology and a booming economy to start prosperous businesses.

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How to Spur Innovation

Innovation is what makes companies flourish. It’s what distinguishes a company from the others. Innovation should be something that comes from every level of the business, and it has to be encouraged by management. So start with yourself and encourage your employees to keep learning and keep coming up with new ideas. Innovation is the child of new ideas.

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Ask Questions to Employees

As a manager it’s important to give your employees a sense of empowerment. If you encourage staff members to find solutions your staff will function better. Often the best way to empower an employee is to ask questions, rather than simply throw solutions at them. When you respond with questions you tell that person that you value their input. Just handing out an answer to an employee’s question may give that person something to work with but it does nothing to build self assurance. A question or questions encourages that person to start thinking.

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How to Build a Winning Team

The success of a business depends largely on the effectiveness of employees and managers working together. It’s called a team and it takes careful building to make it right.

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How to Plan a Business Without Spending Money

It is possible. You can get a business to the point of launch without spending any money.

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How to Build a Real Network

Networking sits near the top of any list on how to run a business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs see networking as building up numbers. This isn’t how to go about networking effectively.

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How to Have Shorter, Smarter Meetings

Most meetings are a waste of time. Now most people reading this will deny that but the simple fact is companies have a culture of meetings. Meetings are considered a vital tool by most managers. Get this. They are not vital tools. They are usually a boring waste of time. If you must have meetings they should be short and sweet. Here are a few worthwhile pointers.

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How to Spot a Weak Leader

This may be you. Weak leaders often pose as strong leaders. You may believe you’re a strong, purposeful, effective leader. Sadly, you may not be. Too often people running companies and leading teams are not dependable, not in the know, and not very good at leading a team.

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Why Your Great Ideas May Not Be Enough

Starting a business can be a lonely endeavour. Be aware of this. You need a support system to function. You may have a partner or employees. You have to do your utmost to use them. You need them. You have to get them on the same page. Don’t go it alone. If you have a partner look for balance. That partner should bring something you don’t bring. Look for employees who have passion and commitment. You need that. You have to create a team of compatible players. You have to be surrounded by types who will ride things out with you, good or bad.

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What’s Hard About Running A Business?

What’s hard about running A business? Almost everything. Ask business people what the hardest things are about running a business and you’ll get dozens of answers. There are many challenges, and nobody is perfect. Some are bad with finances. Others are nervous about hiring and delegating. Many lack organizational skills.

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