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How to Balance Your Work Life

Entrepreneurs learn quickly that there is no such thing as a 9 to 5 workday. There are both privileges and sacrifices involved with running a business.

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What Every Entrepreneur Should Stop Doing

Too many new entrepreneurs waste time on things that never pay off. There is a learning curve to business.

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How To Market To Diversity

Immigration should be a spur to small business growth. The Canadian reality is that only a third of population growth is via childbirth.

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How To Cut Business Costs

If you run a business you are always faced with the issue of reducing operating costs. Just a few, regular savings can keep a business afloat.

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What Makes a Great Entrepreneur?

Much is written about the qualities that set a few entrepreneurs apart. Much has been written here, on our own pages about it, but in the end it all comes down to a few important traits that the good ones all seem to share. If you really want to know the secrets of highly successful people read on.
They Have a Plan

They understand the importance of having a plan in place for everything they do. This is probably an unconscious trait, but it is one that sets them apart from so many others. They think things out and come to decisions via a process. That process differs from one to the other, but be sure, great entrepreneurs are process driven.

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How To Network With Important People

Networking is an essential part of running a business, but connecting with people of influence is the prize.

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Create a Company Culture That Attracts The Best

Every company has to do its best to find the best people. It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is, without talented, motivated people you are not going far.

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The Myths of Entrepreneurship

Should you start a business? Only you can answer that question. There are a lot of myths attached to being an entrepreneur.

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How To Rank Yourself As An Entrepreneur

No two entrepreneurs are the same. Many are innovators of new products, others are natural born marketers who can get almost any kind of business off the ground. Some are people who believe they can introduce a business that will actually help people, that will perform a service. This only matters because knowing yourself is an important first step to launching a business. You can only know what to launch if you understand who you are.

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Things To Consider Before Starting A Business

If you are working in a job you kind of like, but that itch to start a business is always there, remember that it isn’t easy to just pick up and leave.

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What To Know About Buying A Franchise

Starting a small business is a major undertaking. Some choose to go the franchise route for many good reasons, starting with having a nationally known brand to work with from day one. If you’re trying to decide on whether to buy a franchise or go it alone here are some things to consider.

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How To Hire For a Start-Up

Hiring for a new business is not the same as hiring for an established company. No new company can guarantee anyone that they’ll be around in a year or two. People interviewing for positions with a start-up should understand that without asking the perennial interview question, “what guarantee is there that the company will be successful. Well, hello, there is no guarantee with a start-up, an that is where the criteria for judging new hires at a start-up begins.

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Being Your Own Boss

If you want to be your own boss, then you have to start a business. Whatever you do, do something you know, or at least have reasonable connections to. No idea will flourish if you enter a world you know little or nothing about. Start by knowing that what you are about to do falls into a comfort zone that works. Think twice before jumping into something totally foreign.

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What to Know About Yourself Before Starting A Business

If you’re thinking about starting a business, know yourself. Starting up is not easy. The challenges you will face from day one can seem insurmountable. They’re not, of course, but knowing yourself will make it all much easier.

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How to Plan a Business Without Spending Money

It is possible. You can get a business to the point of launch without spending any money.

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Online Marketing. What Not To Believe

Online marketing is all the rage. The problem is business owners just don’t know enough about online marketing and what to really expect.

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How to Build a Real Network

Networking sits near the top of any list on how to run a business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs see networking as building up numbers. This isn’t how to go about networking effectively.

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