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If governments are doing it, it’s time for you to secure your business against cybercrime. Hacking is growing at an alarming rate and companies are being robbed of essential data and information. Companies have blind spots that should be dealt with as soon as possible. You can be sure that the fraudsters will not take a vacation.

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Email Marketing. What You Need to Know

Email marketing can be a very important method of staying in touch with your client base. You can send a lot of emails to your clients as long as you pay attention to subject lines and avoid appearing like spam. Make sure any message you send out is fresh and informative.

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Why Your Website May Be Done

You may love your website and it may have served you well, but take a good look. Is it what it needs to be in the here and now?

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Web Site

Check the subways. Look around at the mall. People have their attention fixed on their smartphones. It’s everywhere. Now it’s surfing, email social media and, not the least, shopping. Yes, people are shopping from their smartphones, and they do comparison shopping in any store. Smartphone users now outnumber desktop computer users.

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Avoid These Tech Mistakes

When it comes to the tech side of a new business many entrepreneurs get caught in the trap of spending too much money. Nobody wants to spend too much on any part of a business start-up, but IT and technical issues can add a lot of unnecessary spending to the process.

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Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

You may not reach billions or even millions, but if you hit a nice 100,000, that would be sweet. What this means is that you need some sort of video capability. It can be as simple as a $200 camera and a pair of lights. Lights to give your videos a slightly professional look. Once you decide on what you want to put on a video or set of videos, start shooting. Now don’t make the mistake of shooting like a rank amateur. Give it some thought. Read a “For Dummies” book. learn how to use your lights, then shoot away.

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A World Without Your Smartphone

You leave the house on your way to work. You get in the car, drive away, get ten minutes down the road, then suddenly that horrible realization. “I left my smartphone back home.” Horrors! What now?

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How to Attract The Right People to Your Website

A slew of visitors to your website is great… If those visitors are in your target market. Your website gives you a worldwide audience, but are surfers from every corner of the world really interested in your business? In this article we look at how to identify your web audience, create catchy content that will draw in viewers and keep them clicking through your site, and why it’s important to establish a brand for your website.

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How to Deal With Smartphone Search

We have entered a new era of shopping. People now go into business establishments armed with smartphones and sometimes tablets, and they search out anything they are interested in buying using one of these devices. They compare prices to what they see in front of them, and they then make a buying decision. How the world has changed.

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Your Window To The World

The benefits of a business website are that you can instantly and easily launch (and un-launch) any aspect of business, your products and services, promotions and pricing, any informational content you choose, methods of interacting such as reply forms, request for quotes or information, etc.

You need a website – but what is the right approach for you and what are the steps to get on-line?

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How to Use Your Website

Use your site to position your company on the business spectrum, and reinforce your brand with good design, smart copy, and an engaging web experience for your visitors. Your website is a front door to your company. Your brand is built into the site. Your site’s brand image must reflect your corporate identity. Visitors should remember your site.

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How to Get on the Web

It takes more than a website to forge a successful online presence, but a website is a good start. Tack on to that website a few business email addresses, a little search engine optimization, and some engaging content, and now you’re making an impact on the web. Read on to see how you can make your business shine online.

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Business Tech

Tech Marketing Musts

There are technology tools available to help market any business. It starts with understanding certain key technologies that are essential for effective marketing in today’s world.

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Where to Begin With Social Media

Staying on top of the world of social media for business in this digital age is hard. Learning to move your business into it is important. Social media give you the opportunity to connect and engage with customers and clients.

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What is The Cloud?

What exactly is this thing called the Cloud? Simply put, the Cloud is a place far away from the computers at your place of business, where you can store all of your company files and have access to them from anywhere, requiring no IT support. The Cloud service you choose can also handle all of your company’s email needs.

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How to Use Tablets For Business

Tablets are now widely used by large businesses but small companies have been slow to move in that direction. Tablets can be very beneficial to any business. In the beginning, companies of all sizes ignored tablet computing, sticking instead to desktops. For employees needing mobility there were laptops. Tablets began to appear when individuals started bringing personal tablets into the workplace and used them for a variety of functions. Businesses picked up on this and began issuing tablets to employees.

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Better No Website Than A Bad Website

Your business is better off with no website than a bad one. Let’s start again. Every business needs a website. There is no other way to go. A business has to have a website. However, a bad website can and will do more damage to your business than having no website at all.

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