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How to Change Your Company

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1404328_change_is_childsplay_4There comes a time when change is essential for many businesses. It may be as a result of a new product line, or entering new markets. It may have to do with a needed overhaul just to tweak and improve things. Whatever the reason for needing change, it can be difficult.

The Environment

In most companies seeking change it all begins with the employees. Employee behaviour will be the spur to affecting any significant change. Changing the working environment is a first step to adjusting the mindset of a staff. Employees will adapt to the environment you put them in and changing that environment is a key to turning things around.

Visualize Change

Start by describing to the entire staff just what the impending future of the company will resemble. Everyone has to know what they’ll be doing and what’s expected of them in the new order. Visualizing change is what every member of the staff has to do, and you do too. If the change is about new products or services, it’s important to describe the benefits of the new lines and how they’ll be sold.

Draw a Picture

What you have to do is draw a picture that makes sense. Once a staff understands where you’re going they will jump on-board. Good ideas will surface. A good staff will be eager to contribute to the new scheme of things. It is all about creating a clear picture of what the “new” company will look like. Nobody should feel uninformed or left out. Make it as inclusive as possible.

Take Nothing For Granted

Your staff will be living the changes you outline. They’re day to day behaviour will be affected by the changes you make. The particulars of how they operate will undoubtedly change. This should never come as a surprise to anyone. Managers often take too many things for granted when big changes are made to a company. Don’t take anything for granted. Every person in that company has to feel included in the change.


Discuss everything and listen to what staff members have to say. You can be sure they’ll have hundreds of questions and there will be valuable suggestions. They have to be part of it. Nothing should be imposed. You need a total buy-in to make change happen correctly.

What Change Can Mean

Start planning what if anything happens to the business environment. You need to adjust the working behaviour of everyone in the organization. You have to create incentives to create the mindset that will carry the business into a new form. Sometimes companies go so far as to completely redesign the workplace to usher in the “new” company. It can be dramatic. Companies change their brand. They change their ideal position in the marketplace to accommodate the new.

Remember The Human Side

Change isn’t easy. Invariably, people will have an initial negative reaction. This is human nature. People going to jobs every day become accustom to working in a particular way. Change can knock people off their game and be seen as a threat. If you decide that major change is a must, then understanding the human side of it is also a must. Companies have turned themselves inside out and been better for it. Manage change smartly and it can usher in an exciting new era for the company.

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