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How To Be An Extra-Special Manager

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iStock_000004868270XSmallRegardless of how “normal” you may regard your business and how you run it, you may have a unique set of traits that can set you apart as a manager. It may be the way you interact with others or your ability to sell anything to anyone. It may be a bit subtler than that. Bringing that little bit extra to managing a business can make a significant difference in how your company operates and how you are perceived as a manager and boss. Bringing something extra to the table can give you a hands down advantage.

Be a Communicator

Number one has to be the ability to communicate and do it well. There are too many managers who never learned the art of communication. Think about it. How many bosses have you endured who could not express anything in a way that made it all make sense? A good communicator knows how to send and receive messages that mean something, and while doing that, the good communicator knows how to deal with the needs of those who report back. Communicating effectively goes beyond day to day office interaction. It also means an understanding of how to write in a way that gets the message across. If you are a good communicator, you’re probably a good manager.


As mentioned, communicating well means writing effectively, and that includes editing. A good manager knows how to craft an email that resonates with staff members without confounding them or upsetting them. A good manager knows how to write for the website in language that connects with visitors. A good manager knows how to write for social media, which have become so important in twenty first century business. Writing is something that can can be learned. Work on it. It’s one of the building blocks of good management.

Know the Tech Stuff

The more you understand the technologies around you the better you’ll be as a manager. This doesn’t mean you have to be an IT person. What it means is that in a digital world, you can’t be a luddite and succeed as a manager. A luddite is a person who fears or shuns technology. No manager in this century can be that disconnected. Your staff is probably online much of the day. You may be using the cloud to store files and handle things like company email. It’s vital that you, as the manager, understand all of this and know how to get the most out of it. No need to be a tech wiz. It isn’t about that. Just understand the tools.

New Ideas

Businesses are built on ideas and innovation. Innovation grows a business. Keep coming up with new ideas, regardless of how far fetched they may appear at this time. Tomorrow that one crazy idea could move the business forward. Make your place of business a forum for new ideas. Encourage outside the box thinking, and throw ideas around with your staff as often as possible. A good manager is a person who loves ideas and loves making new things happen.


Finally, a special manager is a person who is very organized. Good managers know where everything is. That means they know what ideas are floating around. They know who has the good ones. They know how to make things happen by motivating the team, and they do it by always being on top of everything. Good managers are great organizers.

So being an extra-special manager is about being a well organized communicator who loves new ideas and innovation, understands the technology around him and knows a thing or two about writing. It’s really that easy. What about you? Are you an extra-special manager?

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