Forum Rules

Forum Rules

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Forum Usage

You must register a free account to join discussions on BusinessConnect™ forums. Please read the rules below before making your first post.

Forums – Online discussions where you can hold conversations by posting messages.

Posts – Start a conversation within a forum by posting a topic, question, or idea.

Replies – Submit a response or comment to a post to engage in a conversation.

Forum administrators and moderators are here to assist you and make using this forum as pleasant as possible. You may disagree with their decisions but flaming administrators or moderators in posts is not permitted. Posts or replies may be moved, removed or edited without notification.

Forum Rules

To use the forum, you must follow these rules. By not following the rules, you risk a temporary suspension or a complete ban for all BusinessConnect™ forums.

Discussions of business issues and concerns only – Any discussions involving other subjects are not permitted.

No flaming, trolling or swearing – Any content that is unlawful, harmful, harassing, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, hateful or distasteful in nature is prohibited. Swearing is prohibited and this site employs a profanity filter. Character substitutions, spacing, spelling variations or any form of modified spelling in order to get a word to pass through the filter is prohibited.

Bumping is prohibited – This refers to posting with the deliberate intention of moving a topic to the top of the forum.

Advertising or spamming is prohibited – Any form of advertising or soliciting members or commercial website linking is strictly prohibited. Please promote your business in our business directory or consider applying to advertise on BusinessConnect™.

Do not post any adult, explicit or objectionable content – Any content including pictures or links to pictures must not be R or X-rated. What is considered  potentially offensive will be determined at the discretion of forum administration.

You may not use multiple identities – Only one username or account is allowed per forum member. If you have forgotten your log-in information do not create a new account – please contact administration.

Please only use English language – All public content, including but not limited to titles, signatures or attachments must be in the English language. If you have problems communicating in English, forum members will be patient and tolerant towards your English messages. Posts in any other language will be removed.

Banning and Suspension

Forum administrators and moderators choose to ban or suspend members only in extreme situations. We will not debate your ban or suspension. If you’re banned and we suspect that you have signed up with a new username, that will also be banned. Suspensions are only temporary and we welcome you back after the suspension has been lifted.