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    As a rule of thumb, when you’re holding inventory, you’re incurring cost.  The biggest costs associated with keeping inventory are:
    1) Opportunity cost – occupying space at your business […]

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    @flyboybob: Hiring programmers that will not have any physical presence within your country of operation are not considered “true” employees.  As such, the typical employee payroll deductions would not be […]

  • Pricing strategy can be quite perplexing if you have no prior experience with it, even more so if you haven’t sought the input of experts.   Generally speaking, this is something you would discuss with your […]

  • Corporate revival is an option, as long as certain requirements are met.  
    In addition to filing your Articles of Revival you will be required to pay a fee and complete a NUANS / name reservation to ensure that […]

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    Although securing a grant for a business can be difficult, you’ll never know until you try! 
    It is also notable to mention that if your company does not qualify for a grant, it may qualify for small business […]