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Over 200.000 Vehicles Being Recalled In Canada

200,000 Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans are being recalled in Canada due to a passenger side airbag issue that could lead to an inflator burst.

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Porter Poised to Become Third National Airline

Porter Airlines Inc. is about to purchase 30 Bombardier C Series aircraft. The move would make Porter a legitimate national carrier alongside Air Canada and Air Transat. The C Series is a mid-range jet with 100 to 149 seat capacity.

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Nordstrom Adding Yorkdale to Canadian Expansion

Seattle based Nordstrom is adding a second Toronto location planning on being part of a new expansion at Yorkdale shopping mall.

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Canada Lost 54,000 Jobs in March

54,000 full time jobs were lost in Canada in the month of March. That is the biggest one month drop since the Great Recession.

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Housing Prices Up in 2013

In most Canadian markets the average price of housing is up in 2013. A standard two-story house is up in price by 2.2% while bungalows rose 2.4%.

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Cell Phones 40 Years Old

On this day in 1973 the first cellular phone call was made using the now iconic Motorola DynaTAC.

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Ford Number One in March Car Sales

Ford Motor Company of Canada is number one again, passing Chrysler. Ford sold 24.690 cars in March. That is a 2% jump over March of 2012.

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Low Speed Limits: Big Money For Speed Traps

In many places in Canada, speed limits are deliberately set to 10 or 15 KM below the safest speed just to pump up revenue from speed traps.

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Big Surprise. Blackberry Hits Profit

Blackberry, formerly Research in Motion has returned to profitability. One million new Z10 smartphones have been sold in this quarter, beating expectations.

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Debit Payments Via Mobile

Interac, provider of debit card payment in Canada has joined the rush to mobile payment.

The company completed its first ever mobile payment on Wednesday in partnership with RBC. Up to now only credit card payments were being handled on mobile devices.

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Canadians Holding Off Home Buying

The next two years will see fewer Canadians buying homes. Of those who plan on purchasing, more than a third will be first time buyers. 15 % of those surveyed plan on buying a home in the next two years. That’s a drop from 27% one year ago. Of those planning on buying, 40% will [...]

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Cyprus Makes A Deal

Cyprus has managed to make a last minute deal with lenders which will shut down the second largest bank on the island and cause serious losses to uninsured depositors.

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Wind Mobile Up For Sale

VimpelCom Ltd. of Holland is putting Wind Mobile up for sale. Wind is the largest of Canada’s new wireless companies.

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Lululemon Says Customer Loyalty Matters More

Vancouver based retailer Lululemon says it’s recent recall of its Luon pants will affect earnings, but customer loyalty is paramount.

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Rogers Pushing Mobile Payment on New Smartphones

Rogers Wireless is broadening the scope of mobile payment capabilities for it’s smartphones.

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Manulife Pulls Low Mortgage Rate Offer After Pressure From Ottawa

Manulife bank has withdrawn its announced mortgage rate of 2.89% after consulting with the Department of Finance.

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Lenders Driving Mortgage Rates Lower

Mortgage rates are going down, despite warnings from finance minister, Jim Flaherty that lower rates will increase debt levels.

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