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Canada Lost 54,000 Jobs in March

April 5, 2013 | Published in Canada, Economy, Employment Be the first to comment on this news story ►

1003297_workman_sign54,000 full time jobs were lost in Canada in the month of March. That is the biggest one month drop since the Great Recession.

The jobless rate rose to 7.2% in March from 7% in February. Jobs fell in food and accommodation, factories and public administration.

Job losses have wiped out dramatic gains of the past six months. Employment numbers had risen in four of the last six months.

Economists expect slow hiring over the coming months due to softer consumer spending, a slowed down housing market as well as public service cuts.

The job losses in March are the largest since February, 2009.

The corporate sector was the hardest hit. Private sector jobs tumbled by 85,400. 38,700 people became self-employed and public-sector employment was static.

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