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Housing Prices Up in 2013

April 4, 2013 | Published in Canada, Housing Be the first to comment on this news story ►

1004076_the_american_dreamIn most Canadian markets the average price of housing is up in 2013. A standard two-story house is up in price by 2.2% while bungalows rose 2.4%.

Condominium prices rose by 1.2% since 2012 in most markets, though there were overall price declines in Vancouver, Victoria and St. John New Brunswick.

The average price for a two-story house in Canada is $407.044. Bungalows, $364,857 and condos, $246,071.

Vancouver remains the most expensive home market with average prices for two-story homes over $1 million and condos $481,250.

Toronto, the country’s most populous city and often considered the second-most expensive after Vancouver, followed the national trend to higher prices in all three types of housing.

The Toronto two-story average in the first quarter was $671,252, the bungalow average was $565,700 and the condo average was $359,671.

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