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Nordstrom Adding Yorkdale to Canadian Expansion

April 8, 2013 | Published in Business, Canada, Retail Be the first to comment on this news story ►

Nordstrom_Logo.svgSeattle based Nordstrom is adding a second Toronto location planning on being part of a new expansion at Yorkdale shopping mall. The expansion begins in January 2014, but the Nordstrom store will not appear until 2016.

Canadian stores are planned for the Pacific Centre in Vancouver, The Chinook Centre in Calgary, and Ottawa’s Rideau Centre. Toronto’s Sherway Gardens is also slated for a Nordstrom store.

The Vancouver store will take a vacated Sears location. Sears plans on selling back leases for three stores to Cadillac Fairview for $170 million. Sears is working on revamping its Canadian business.

The Calgary Nordstrom store will open in he fall of 2014. Ottawa and Vancouver launches are set for spring, 2015. Toronto Sherway Gardens is a go for the fall of 2016. So this is a long term deal.

This represents the only expansion of Nordstrom outside of the United States. The company operates 242 U.S. stores.

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