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Porter Poised to Become Third National Airline

April 9, 2013 | Published in Business, Canada, Travel Be the first to comment on this news story ►

200px-Porter_Airlines_Logo.svgPorter Airlines Inc. is about to purchase 30 Bombardier C Series aircraft. The move would make Porter a legitimate national carrier alongside Air Canada and Air Transat. The C Series is a mid-range jet with 100 to 149 seat capacity.

The order is valued at $2.1 billion. The C Series is an ideal aircraft for Toronto’s Billy Bishop, or Island Airport, with takeoff and landing capabilities of 4500 ft., ideal for that airport once upcoming changes to the airport are completed.

Porter is committed to Billy Bishop, but is also investigating alternate airports, including Montreal for U.S. destinations.

Bombardier says it is well on its way to selling 200 C Series Jets once confirmation of the Porter deal is complete.

There was a vague mention of the deal in the New York Times, which said late Monday that Bombardier had a deal in place for 12 C Series and an option for another 18, to be announced Wednesday.

That report suggests that Bombardier had the deal in place last December to “an unnamed Americas buyer”.

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