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Having a good business plan is essential for getting access to start-up capital through lenders and investors. While I am not familiar with any particular piece of software to assist with this, it is very easy to find examples of business plans via an Internet search. You could compare samples from different websites and combine the elements that you like. Make sure that all relevant information is included in your plan and, even more importantly, that all of your information is accurate and properly represented. Nothing will drive away potential investors like shoddy math or wildly unrealistic figures in a business plan. Also remember the importance of presentation in this instance. The better your plan looks, the better it will work. If you have a draft of your business plan, even if it has been prepared via a piece of software, it would still be a good idea to have it looked over and edited by a consultant. These guys are professionals. They know what they are doing and what works best. Preparation is the key to victory.