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Remember that if you feel you have a unique innovation that has a functional difference from existing products, you might qualify for a patent registration. Don’t get into too much detail with prospective investors unless you have filed a patent application, are willing to take a chance with your intellectual property, or you have already had them sign a non-disclosure agreement.If the Canadian Youth Business Foundation does grants or start-up loans, you could potentially qualify, but you would probably want to have a business plan and technical specifications prepared before you submit an application.Manufacturing can be monumentally expensive, especially at first, since a factory would typically need to be retooled to accommodate your product. Sometimes you can get a bit of a leg-up by doing a pre-sale (selling products ahead of manufacturing with an expected delivery date), but if you do this, make sure to follow through or you could be hit with a class-action lawsuit.Sometimes the way to go is to get set up with a large manufacturing and distribution partner who can take care of all the little details like negotiating with factory management and dealing with quality control.Unless you are fluent in Mandarin and have a significant start-up and travel budget, this could be really tricky to do on your own, so get some help.You could, of course, manufacture domestically, but this can be very pricey. A “Made In Canada” tag will encourage some people to overlook price differences, but, unfortunately, domestic manufacturing is seldom very competitively priced when compared with manufacturers in developing countries.If you have faith in your idea and you can get others on board, then you are halfway there.