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It is never pleasant to have to fire someone, and there are many schools of thought about how to best go about it. Some suggest that firing on a Friday has the least likelihood of resulting in a dramatic incident. Incidents are fairly uncommon in any case, so use your own judgement. Many people who get fired have at least some idea of why it is happening. Be calm and firm. Explain the reasons if you feel this is warranted.
There are a few constants.
Make sure that you have good cause for filing the employee. If he/she is still under an agreed-upon probationary period, then you don’t need a reason.
Wrongful termination is a very serious accusation. If there is wrongdoing involved, make sure you have sufficient documentation and/or evidence.
If the individual is on contract, you will need to check the consequences of ending that contract early.
If the individual is on payroll you should have a record of employment ready so that he/she can apply for Employment Insurance, if eligible.