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Janet -

This is a common problem that many entrepreneurs encounter. Have you tried dividing your “work” environment from your “home” environment? That is, have you tried designating a work-only area within your home, such as an office in one of the bedrooms, or creating a non-distracting corner of the living room? Having too many distractions in your workspace can be extremely detrimental to your productivity, and is one of the primary reasons that business-owners who can afford to lease or own office space choose to do so.

If distractions in the home are unavoidable (eg, loud neighbors, condo construction, animals, etc.) you may consider trying to avoid working at home altogether. If you have partners for example, opt to meet at a quiet location or coffee shop to discuss business, and work from there. It is also worth mentioning that some entrepreneurs have experienced anxiety from living and working in their homes, as there is typically only a small divide between work time and down time. Associating stress with your place of relaxation can also make for a difficult living environment, so it may be best to explore other work environments if possible!