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What g-k-chetty suggests is correct. One option is to simply scale your start-up operations to the resources that you, personally have at hand. There are a few other main options, loans from arm’s-length third parties (people and companies whose only involvement with your business is repayment of the loans with interest), investors (people and companies who will expect to share in the company’s success in return for their investment), and direct partners (people who will help you run the business). In all three of these scenarios, it is very likely that you will need to demonstrate the viability of your business model and your competence to carry it out.With g-k-chetty’s suggestion, starting out small and growing as more capital becomes available from profits, you don’t have to convince anyone but yourself. One of the tricks of this is that your desired business activity may not be appropriate for the amount of initial capital that you have. For instance, if your goal is to operate a restaurant, but you only have $3000 for start-up, it is probably not going to work.  As with all business start-ups, the most important thing is planning. Have a general outline for how you want things to go, making an effort to be realistic with your expectations. As things progress, be adaptable. If things go well, you can escalate your operation. If things are a bit slow, you can make the appropriate adjustments.