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You should meet with a Chartered Accountant. He will inform you that very few people want to pay tax but that our country is dependant upon and mandates that all taxpayers are to comply with the Income Tax Act, report their taxable income and pay the required statutory income taxes. It is the Law. Assuming that you have incorporated a company to run your business, you should get your accounting records brought up to date for the first two years of operations. A bookkeeper will of great assistance to you here. If you have incurred losses over those two years, you are able to carry these losses forward and offset them against your current year income within your corporation. If you are running an unincorporated business, then you should still report the gross income and the underlying expenses on your prior years income tax returns. You will be entitled to refundable tax and GST/HST credits if your taxable income is low enough. These credits will vary by provincial jurisdiction. Barry J. Watson CA. Direct Line 604-714-1999