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How to Fight a Leading Brand

Some brands become so dominant that their names are synonymous with the product type. We take it for granted, but think about it – Kleenex, Coke, Band-Aid. These are products that have embedded their names in such a way that the name itself is the product. How many people ask for a tissue? Coke is any cola drink, and we all use Band-Aids, regardless of who makes them. How about Jello?

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How to Set Up Your Company Email

Company email is very important. Email is still the primary communication tool for businesses. Setting up your company email the right way will make a difference.

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How Facebook Can improve Business

Facebook connects people. It connects them as they walk down the street using a smartphone. It connects them round the clock. It can also connect your business to people. Social media marketing can improve sales by creating engagement between you and the public.

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Trademark Battle Over Coffee Logo

Creating a trademark in Canada can be a complex process, but it’s well worth the effort to protect your business. This story of a Kingston coffee shop owner and his battle with the Aramark Corp. over similar trademarks is one worth reading if you’re a small business owner.

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Print Advertising

10 Tips for Effective Print Advertising

People are bombarded with ads all day, everyday, and most of those ads just don’t register with the people they’re supposed to target. So how can you ensure that your print ad actually makes an impression on its viewer? Try using a combination of the tactics on this list.

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NUANS Search

How to Select the Right Business Name

Your business name sets you apart from your competition, creates a brand, and gives your customers something to remember (hopefully for all the right reasons). Putting a little strategy into your name can benefit your business now and down the road. Read on for tips on how to select a name that best suits your business.

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Smart Business Cards

In a world of LinkedIn along with a website for everyone, business cards endure. A well designed business card is still a necessity in the business world. In many cultures a handshake is always accompanied by a business card being squeezed into somebody’s hand. A business card is a conversation starter.

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Choosing a Domain Name

Your domain name is in two parts. First there’s the name you choose, then there’s the extension. Choosing the right domain name and extension for your business depends on several factors.

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Branding Online

Building a brand online isn’t easy. Simply put, there are so many companies out there trying to achieve the same thing at any given time that being able to create a memorable brand online is a difficult task. Companies make mistakes when it comes to online branding.

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What You Should Know About Trademarks

A trademark is a unique word, phrase, image, or sound that you have created for your business. Trademarks help clients distinguish your products and services from those of competitors. It also helps you prevent competitors from similar trademarks.

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“USP”: Every Small Business Owner Should Have One

When advertising guru Rosser Reeves of Chicago-based Ted Bates & Company coined the phrase, Unique Selling Proposition, in the 1940s, he likely had no idea that USP would live on as a popular expression, even as a mantra, that companies often use to differentiate themselves from the competition. Its longevity might be connected to the simplicity of the concept behind USP.

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Design Your Website to Sell

There are excellent website designers out there, and if you’re among the luckier ones, you’ll have tapped into some of that talent to create your site. Nevertheless, some of the nicest sites on the web don’t do a good enough job. A business site is there to sell. It may be direct selling or it may be a less direct approach of educating your visitors about all of your offerings and keeping it up to date. Regardless of the site’s purpose, it either works or it doesn’t.

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Company Culture

Company Culture

Many companies have their own particular culture. It stems from several sources. However a true company culture is something that doesn’t happen overnight – it can even take several years to evolve.

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Social Networking Computer

Social Media for Small Business

Social Media can be overwhelming and some of the information available on the topic is confusing. Just take it one step at a time and build your networks bit by bit until you have something that works for you. The process itself is easy, elegant and endlessly interesting. And best of all, it works!

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Establishing a Web Presence

Creating a Powerful Web Presence

Getting on the web with a fully functioning website is essential for any small business. There are also many other factors for you to consider when starting the journey to establish your business web presence. We have compiled a list of the most important steps to take while getting your business online.

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Social Networking – The Free Marketing Strategy

We all know it’s important for your business to be noticed. People need to be talking about your business if you want to flourish. An important (and free!) way of drawing attention to your company is the use of social media. So what essential things do you need to consider when entering the world of social media?

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Business Growth

Why Businesses Stall And What You Can Do

There are many reasons why businesses become stalled in one place and can’t seem to move beyond it. Much of it is rooted in the culture of a company and in leadership style. Managers often have styles that inhibit rather than cultivate and encourage. Companies are often stuck in a state of mind that prevents growth. It’s important to be aware of this as you build your business.

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