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What Your Customers Really Want

Customers don’t usually tell you what it is they really want. When asked they’ll usually say all is well, but there are many things they don’t say about businesses they deal with. A psychologist might tell you that it;s just human nature. Customers want a whole lot from you, but they’ll never tell you.

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How to Lay Back and Make Sales

Sales fall apart just when you think they’re closed. This is something that happens in sales environments all the time, and it’s usually for one reason, the hard sell.

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How to deal With a Customer When Things Go Wrong

It happens. Just when you think you have a great relationship with a client or customer things fall apart. Someone doesn’t communicate quite right. Something you promised on a set date at a set price can’t be delivered. Businesses face this all the time.

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Startup Problems

Problems Facing Small Business Start-ups

Small business start-ups face a significant set of problems that must be dealt with. They range from the general economy to insurance to employee skills. The number of issues faced by all small businesses can be addressed.

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Repeat Customer

How to Create Repeat Customers

It’s great for a business to have a stream of new customers, but the real backbone of any business is repeat customers. Repeat customers remove the worry of having to rely on new customers all the time. It’s important to have a plan in place to ensure repeat customers.

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How to Become a Consultant

Becoming a consultant is probably the most inexpensive way to start a new business, but remember, being a consultant means knowing a lot about one or two important things. As a consultant you can use years of accumulated knowledge in one field to chart a course to success.

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Marketing Strategies

Simple Marketing Strategies

Marketing for a small business can be expensive and it can eat into important resources. There are several simple, yet effective, marketing strategies that can work well for any small business. Staying in communication with existing clients and customers, and even prospective customers is a important first step.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Small Business

Business owners have a lot of numbers to crunch on an average day and it can be challenging to wade through them all. Profit and loss statements co-exist with bank statements; tax numbers line up beside sales statistics. There’s enough to worry about already on the organizational and structural side of things without throwing in a lot of marketing numbers, but there’s one set of marketing statistics that virtually hold the keys to the castle for small business owners today: Google Analytics.

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Young Entrepreneurs

People Matter in Business

The most important component of any business is people. People matter. The challenge is to effectively muster the ingredients of that component to shape a truly productive force that will grow the business continually.

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Business Growth

Why Businesses Struggle to Grow

Few Canadian businesses show steady growth and there are many reasons why. Companies work on this all the time, managers spend hours trying to devise strategies to grow businesses and yet most fail at it. The main reason for slow growth is stagnation – companies stay the same.

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Target Market

Marketing to Your Target Market

Identifying a target market is an important first step in marketing a business. Is it a mass market, a niche market, or an ethnic market? Is it locally based, even neighbourhood based? Is it a specialty market like computers or web-based businesses? Knowing your audience is the key to effective marketing.

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Answering Questions

Answering a Question When You Don’t Know the Answer

Ultimately every person in a business is confronted with a question that’s tough to answer. This is particularly daunting in sales. The first thing to realize is that most customers ask the same type of questions. Some are easier to answer than others.

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Business Meeting

Referrals: The best source of business for small business

Ask most entrepreneurial small business owners about their best sources for gaining clients or customers and they’ll likely sum it up with one powerful word: referrals. They treasure those referrals and for good reason.

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