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A Strong Brand Means Focus

Getting a hold of exactly what your company brand is can be difficult. Most entrepreneurs are so consumed with running a business and growing that business that they lose sight of the key to consumer acceptance, which is the brand. The brand can only be one thing. It can’t be a diverse set of ideas or selling points. Avis is “Number Two”. BMW is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Esso puts “A Tiger In Your Tank”. One dominant thought. One compelling brand.

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The Right Way to Analyze the Competition

It’s essential to know everything you can about your competition and that means somehow using their products and services. If you offer identical items it isn’t the product you test, it how the competitor operates with that product. This can be difficult. You probably will have to enlist members of your staff. But rest assured, your competitors are checking your business out right now, as this is being written. It’s the name of the game.

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Target Market

Marketing to Your Target Market

Identifying a target market is an important first step in marketing a business. Is it a mass market, a niche market, or an ethnic market? Is it locally based, even neighbourhood based? Is it a specialty market like computers or web-based businesses? Knowing your audience is the key to effective marketing.

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Business Owner

Three Ways to Beat the Competition

Winning is a part of what motivates most entrepreneurs. After all, you are still in business because you are beating the competition!

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