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Are You Suited to Business?

Most people really want to be in business, regardless of how attached they are to their jobs and the regular income associated with those jobs. People have a hankering to be their own boss. It may or may not suit you.

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How to Re-Energize in a Slump

When things are going smoothly, it’s easy to stay focused and motivated. But slumps happen and when they do, one of the first things to take a hit is your drive and determination. You can stay focused and energize things by finding ways to re-awaken the spirit that got you to where you are in the first place.

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Create a Company Culture That Attracts The Best

Every company has to do its best to find the best people. It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is, without talented, motivated people you are not going far.

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How To Hire For a Start-Up

Hiring for a new business is not the same as hiring for an established company. No new company can guarantee anyone that they’ll be around in a year or two. People interviewing for positions with a start-up should understand that without asking the perennial interview question, “what guarantee is there that the company will be successful. Well, hello, there is no guarantee with a start-up, an that is where the criteria for judging new hires at a start-up begins.

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How to Appear Successful

If you think it doesn’t matter, think again. How you look, how you come across, has a tremendous effect on how you are perceived and how successful you’ll be. Yes looks matter. Not drop dead movie star looks. Looking right. Looking like a person with success. This is what good looks in business are. That and a few other things can make you appear successful.

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Sitting is The New Smoking

In Japan, large companies of all kinds have workout rooms for staff. Places people can go and ride a stationery bike, or use a paddle machine. We don’t have those. We are cursed to live shorter, less healthy lives because we sit all day. The average person sleeps 7.7 hours a night, and sits 9 to 10 hours a day, and that’s if they don’t spend 4 solid hours in front of the TV at night.

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How To Get Out of Personal Debt

Small businesses are generally in debt from day one. Small business owners have their share of personal debt. Managing your business is hard enough but having business and personal debt can work against everything you’re trying to build. They shouldn’t coexist.

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How to Plan a Business Without Spending Money

It is possible. You can get a business to the point of launch without spending any money.

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How to Price Your Products and Services

Pricing should be based on the value of your product or service in the marketplace. You have to make a judgement and you have to research the market you’re in. Pricing strictly based on your costs may not be the best approach. You costs are never considered by your clients or customers. A customer is always looking for the best price, and customers shop around. They Google everything before making a purchase. You price should be a reflection of what the market is currently asking for your products or services. A realistic assessment of the market is critical to pricing appropriately.

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What to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business

The first thing to be sure of is how committed you are to actually doing it. Is this a business you’ve dreamed about starting? Did you arrive at it by accident? Was it somehow handed to you? Starting a business demands dedication. You have to really want it, and you have to know that nobody can do it for you. So commitment is a prerequisite of any foray into the world of business. Are you committed?

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Use YouTube to Promote Your Business

You may not reach billions or even millions, but if you hit a nice 100,000, that would be sweet. What this means is that you need some sort of video capability. It can be as simple as a $200 camera and a pair of lights. Lights to give your videos a slightly professional look. Once you decide on what you want to put on a video or set of videos, start shooting. Now don’t make the mistake of shooting like a rank amateur. Give it some thought. Read a “For Dummies” book. learn how to use your lights, then shoot away.

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How to Reduce Stress for Employees

There are a few tried and true methods of reducing stress, from having a good diet to exercise, but stress in the workplace can often be combated with a few tips for managers.

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Low Cost Franchises

When people think of franchises they think of Tim Hortons, McDonalds, UPS Stores. They think of those big. well known international names that can cost a small fortune to acquire. However a new boom in low cost franchises is taking hold. There are opportunities for lucrative franchises that that can be purchased for under $150,000. In fact, there are franchises becoming available for as little as $5,0000.

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A Small Business Blog

Having a blog for your small business is a good marketing idea. Many small business owners pass on the idea, feeling they have enough to do without having to manage a blog. But a well written blog can do wonders for a small business.

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How to Start a Business the Right Way

Much is written about the how to start a business. Every article on the subject tells you to start with a business plan. That’s true. Every article has that right. However, it takes a lot of common sense to start a business from scratch, and it takes a lot of luck to make it work.

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How to Build Profitability

Profitability depends on many factors – converting leads, adding additional sales to single sales events, offering products and services that matter to people, and controlling overhead all influence your margin. Margin is your gross profit per sale.

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How to Launch Your Business

If you’re starting a business it all begins with an idea, an idea you’ve probably nursed for a long time. Most new businesses are started from scratch using a person’s know-how and past experience. Launching a business requires some critical primary steps. Research is an essential first step. Know your sector, your region and the demographic associated with it. Don’t jump in without conducting enough research to give you confidence in your venture. Test your business on a small scale before committing to a full launch.

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