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How Luck Figures Into Things

It isn’t all about an MBA, a solid investment from somewhere or how innovative you may be. Luck is a factor, and most successful business people believe that luck had something to do with their success. What’s interesting about this is that the average person in a full-time job or even in a small business puts education first and discounts luck as a factor.

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A Strong Brand Means Focus

Getting a hold of exactly what your company brand is can be difficult. Most entrepreneurs are so consumed with running a business and growing that business that they lose sight of the key to consumer acceptance, which is the brand. The brand can only be one thing. It can’t be a diverse set of ideas or selling points. Avis is “Number Two”. BMW is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Esso puts “A Tiger In Your Tank”. One dominant thought. One compelling brand.

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How to Change Your Company

There comes a time when change is essential for many businesses. It may be as a result of a new product line, or entering new markets. It may have to do with a needed overhaul just to tweak things. Whatever the reason for needing change, it’s difficult.

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What Is Intellectual Property?

We hear the term all the time, but what exactly is intellectual property. Intellectual property refers to things created in your mind – written works, songs, designs, this is all intellectual property. Things you create are your intellectual property. WIPO The World Intellectual Property Organization is a United Nations agency that promotes the development of [...]

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How to Appear Successful

If you think it doesn’t matter, think again. How you look, how you come across, has a tremendous effect on how you are perceived and how successful you’ll be. Yes looks matter. Not drop dead movie star looks. Looking right. Looking like a person with success. This is what good looks in business are. That and a few other things can make you appear successful.

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Why Your Website May Be Done

You may love your website and it may have served you well, but take a good look. Is it what it needs to be in the here and now?

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How to Spot a Weak Leader

This may be you. Weak leaders often pose as strong leaders. You may believe you’re a strong, purposeful, effective leader. Sadly, you may not be. Too often people running companies and leading teams are not dependable, not in the know, and not very good at leading a team.

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What Makes a Bad Leader?

Not everyone can be a leader. Some say leaders are born not made. This may or may not be the case. Wanting to be a leader isn’t enough. It takes a combination of character, guts and an understanding of the skill sets working under you. What we can be sure of is that there are some pretty bad leaders out there in the business world. So what makes a bad leader?

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Going Into Business For All The Wrong Reasons

If you think going into business is going to make you wealthy, think again. You will put in endless hours, face ongoing stress, not to mention being in debt from day one. There are people who can handle this and succeed. Nevertheless the statistics on new business success are not encouraging to anyone starting up just for the sake of making big money. Be realistic, The chances of making significant money in a new start-up are slim. Again, this is not meant to discourage anyone from taking the plunge, it’s all about being realistic. If you take a very hard nosed, realistic approach to starting a business, you probably have a better chance of making it work, than if you set yourself up to make top dollars fast. It just won’t happen. It won’t.

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Why Your Customers May Not Trust You

You may be a great person and you may think you’ve done everything right in running your business, but get this, you clients or customers may not trust you. Believe it.

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How to Restore Your Reputation

Reputation management is a new phrase making the rounds these days, whether it’s Lance Armstrong or Roger Clemens. We read about more an more companies and individuals working on restoring tarnished reputations. If your company or you, personally, have had to deal with a blow to an up to now sterling reputation, there is a right way to go about repairing things. A battered reputation can be repaired, but it can’t happen overnight.

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How to Get The Most Out of Millennials

Millennials are digging in and finding their place in the work world. They run hundreds, maybe thousands of start-up tech companies. They also work for established organizations. They are different. Businesses that want to be where those burgeoning tech companies are better learn how to manage their Millennials.

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How to Set Up Your Company Email

Company email is very important. Email is still the primary communication tool for businesses. Setting up your company email the right way will make a difference.

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The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

Managers can be leaders and probably should be, but this is not always the case. There is a difference between a leader and a manager. A great leader is not necessarily a good manager, and visa versa.

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People Chain

How to Use Testimonials to Promote Your Business

Testimonials can be very valuable to any business. If someone has something positive to say about your business, trumpet it to the world. Testimonials can bring new clients or customers. People shop around for who to deal with, and testimonials can provide the incentive to try your business.

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Should Your Business Stay Small?

Growth is on the agenda of most small business owners. “Grow your business” is trumpeted everywhere. It’s unavoidable, but in reality, some small businesses are better off staying small, and not aiming to grow bigger, maybe richer and more visible.

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Startup Problems

Problems Facing Small Business Start-ups

Small business start-ups face a significant set of problems that must be dealt with. They range from the general economy to insurance to employee skills. The number of issues faced by all small businesses can be addressed.

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