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What Makes a Bad Leader?

Not everyone can be a leader. Some say leaders are born not made. This may or may not be the case. Wanting to be a leader isn’t enough. It takes a combination of character, guts and an understanding of the skill sets working under you. What we can be sure of is that there are some pretty bad leaders out there in the business world. So what makes a bad leader?

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An Easy Way to Upgrade Company Culture

Companies should schedule regular events. These can be anything from a weekly buffet lunch to barbecues. You can even add games. There is nothing wrong with setting some time aside on and ongoing basis to just let off steam. This brings everyone closer together and this rejuvenates company culture.

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How to Price Your Products and Services

Pricing should be based on the value of your product or service in the marketplace. You have to make a judgement and you have to research the market you’re in. Pricing strictly based on your costs may not be the best approach. You costs are never considered by your clients or customers. A customer is always looking for the best price, and customers shop around. They Google everything before making a purchase. You price should be a reflection of what the market is currently asking for your products or services. A realistic assessment of the market is critical to pricing appropriately.

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How to Speak Effectively in Business

Do people communicate effectively in the business world? Some feel communication is at an all time low. It isn’t just an inability to communicate that seems to plague a lot of people, it’s also the way people communicate. Things have changed. We speak differently now than we did even ten years ago.

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How Leaders Can Share Power and Influence

Many leaders do everything possible to build themselves up and inflate their power and position in the company. The true test of leadership is the ability to share responsibilities and with that some of the power that goes along with a leadership role.

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Public Speaking Made Easy

Public speaking is probably one of the most dreaded of the things we may face as head of a company. Like it or not, at some point it will probably happen. It can happen at a trade show, at a convention. It can happen if you’re involved with any civic or charitable groups. Be prepared. Chances are you’ll be doing it sooner or later.

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How to Change your Routine And Be Happier

Being successful at anything brings happiness, but many people in business are not happy, or not happy enough, regardless of the success of the business. Personal happiness is also a sign of success. Changing your routine, just a little, can make you happier. It’s true.

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Why Your Customers May Not Trust You

You may be a great person and you may think you’ve done everything right in running your business, but get this, you clients or customers may not trust you. Believe it.

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How to Restore Your Reputation

Reputation management is a new phrase making the rounds these days, whether it’s Lance Armstrong or Roger Clemens. We read about more an more companies and individuals working on restoring tarnished reputations. If your company or you, personally, have had to deal with a blow to an up to now sterling reputation, there is a right way to go about repairing things. A battered reputation can be repaired, but it can’t happen overnight.

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What’s Hard About Running A Business?

What’s hard about running A business? Almost everything. Ask business people what the hardest things are about running a business and you’ll get dozens of answers. There are many challenges, and nobody is perfect. Some are bad with finances. Others are nervous about hiring and delegating. Many lack organizational skills.

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How to Stay Focused

Entrepreneurs are usually dealing with so many things in the course of a business day that staying focused on things that really need to get done is a challenge. Email, phone calls, staff at your office door. There is an endless stream coming at you all day.

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The Real Reason They Quit is The Boss

Employee satisfaction and happiness matter. Company culture plays a huge role in productivity and it also has a meaningful role in why people quit their jobs. It’s the boss. Most people who leave good jobs leave because of the person they report directly to. What does this say about company cultures?

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Why You Should Create a Blog

Creating a blog for your business allows you to express the essence of your company to a broad audience. While it is not advised that you use a blog in an opinionated way, it is a place to talk about your business, it’s accomplishments, its history. It’s a way for you to keep your target audience always up to date about just what the company is doing.

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Is Your Business On Track?

It’s very important to assess your business at least once a year. Look back at the goals you’ve set. Which ones were achieved? Which ones were not? How many are ongoing? Examining the goals you set and how the company has done in achieving them is essential to future planning.

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How to Achieve Your Goals

Success is something all entrepreneurs seek. A key to success is setting achievable goals that are realistic and will help you move forward. Attached to goal setting are some important things to remember.

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How to Repair Your Brand

A brand can get broken if a company outgrows it. It can be damaged by a shifting consumer base which no longer sees the company the way you think it does. People become confused with exactly what your business is all about. If you determine that there has been brand erosion, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the company. What it means is that the brand has to be re-evaluated and carefully deployed to the right target audience. You have to analyze just what the brand really is in the here and now.

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How to Work From Home Effectively

You can work from home and maintain a very professional image. There is no reason why home based businesses should be any different than traditional ones, but it’s important to know how to run things the right way.

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