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Dealing with Customer Complaints – The ‘Act Now’ Policy

A business coach, when explaining to a group of entrepreneurs how to deal with a dissatisfied customer, asked how serious is the following customer complaint? (Add complaint here_________________.) Answers ranged from an easy fix to unrecoverable. The coach replied the actual seriousness can be immaterial; it depends on how long you wait to deal with [...]

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How To Be An Extra-Special Manager

Regardless of how “normal” you may regard your business and how you run it, you may have a unique set of traits that can set you apart as a manager. It may be the way you interact with others or your ability to sell anything to anyone. It may be a bit subtler than that. Bringing that little bit extra to managing a business can make a significant difference in how your company operates and how you are perceived as a manager and boss. Bringing something extra to the table can give you a hands down advantage.

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How to Keep Employees Happy Without Raises

Sometimes, especially in this economy, raises are out of the question. Sometimes the money isn’t there. However, employees are not just there for salary increases. There are many way to keep a staff happy without throwing money their way.

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The Importance of Goals

It’s probably safe to say that the first goal set by every new business owner is to survive the first year, let alone the first few months. Assuming the company is still standing once that goal is reached, there are important goals that have to be set. Goal setting is about revenue and it’s also about ideas and innovation. It’s about employee retention and about product or service offerings.

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Good Leaders: A Balancing Act

In a business environment leader know that staff members should be given regular training to upgrade their skill sets. Great leaders know that it doesn’t stop there. Training and upgrading skills is something that also applies to them.

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Are You Appreciated as a Leader?

Do you get the recognition you think you deserve? Are you putting in endless days and weeks only to feel overlooked as a leader? Do you feel that talent you have is unappreciated? Well join the club. This is a complaint heard round the world from leaders in all kinds of businesses. There are always reasons for this.

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What Employees Really Say About You

You talked about your boss, right? You probably talked about your boss a lot. Well then know this, you employees are talking about you, probably all the time. Regardless of how open you think things are in your business, there’s a lot that they will never say to you. Salary The first thing on their [...]

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How to Balance Your Work Life

Entrepreneurs learn quickly that there is no such thing as a 9 to 5 workday. There are both privileges and sacrifices involved with running a business.

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What Every Entrepreneur Should Stop Doing

Too many new entrepreneurs waste time on things that never pay off. There is a learning curve to business.

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What Makes a Great Entrepreneur?

Much is written about the qualities that set a few entrepreneurs apart. Much has been written here, on our own pages about it, but in the end it all comes down to a few important traits that the good ones all seem to share. If you really want to know the secrets of highly successful people read on.
They Have a Plan

They understand the importance of having a plan in place for everything they do. This is probably an unconscious trait, but it is one that sets them apart from so many others. They think things out and come to decisions via a process. That process differs from one to the other, but be sure, great entrepreneurs are process driven.

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How To Be Super-Productive

There are people who simply know how to get things done. Hard work is only part of the reason these people are productive.

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How To Find Top Candidates

You want to hire the best and the brightest. You need to attract the very best. The wrong way to find them is on job boards.

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What Leaders Should Say

As the owner of a business, what you say and how you say it can have an impact on how your business runs. What you say is very revealing about your leadership skills. Knowing what words to use and when to use them can affect the success of the business.

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Ask Questions to Employees

As a manager it’s important to give your employees a sense of empowerment. If you encourage staff members to find solutions your staff will function better. Often the best way to empower an employee is to ask questions, rather than simply throw solutions at them. When you respond with questions you tell that person that you value their input. Just handing out an answer to an employee’s question may give that person something to work with but it does nothing to build self assurance. A question or questions encourages that person to start thinking.

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How to Build a Winning Team

The success of a business depends largely on the effectiveness of employees and managers working together. It’s called a team and it takes careful building to make it right.

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How to be an Exceptional Boss

A good boss can learn a lot from others. There are exceptional people doing great things at businesses you are familiar with. Try to watch these people work, if you can. If you can’t do it first hand, speak to people who have insight into the ones you want to learn from. You will always learn from those who have achieved what you hope to accomplish.

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What Makes a Bad Leader?

Not everyone can be a leader. Some say leaders are born not made. This may or may not be the case. Wanting to be a leader isn’t enough. It takes a combination of character, guts and an understanding of the skill sets working under you. What we can be sure of is that there are some pretty bad leaders out there in the business world. So what makes a bad leader?

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