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Why Your Marketing May Not Be Working

Companies often miss out on the true target market they need. This is usually because they follow a marketing template that may be all wrong. General demographics like “consumers between the ages of 18 and 34″ may have no bearing whatsoever on the real makeup of your target audience. Companies stumble around trying to understand [...]

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Create a Company Culture That Attracts The Best

Every company has to do its best to find the best people. It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is, without talented, motivated people you are not going far.

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How To Boost Employee Productivity

Most companies boast a dour culture and most employees have no fun at their work. You may love your work, but chances are your employees don’t.

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The Myths of Entrepreneurship

Should you start a business? Only you can answer that question. There are a lot of myths attached to being an entrepreneur.

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How To Be Super-Productive

There are people who simply know how to get things done. Hard work is only part of the reason these people are productive.

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How To Find Top Candidates

You want to hire the best and the brightest. You need to attract the very best. The wrong way to find them is on job boards.

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If governments are doing it, it’s time for you to secure your business against cybercrime. Hacking is growing at an alarming rate and companies are being robbed of essential data and information. Companies have blind spots that should be dealt with as soon as possible. You can be sure that the fraudsters will not take a vacation.

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What Makes Your Business Unique?

Very often the products and services offered by a business are identical to those being offered by the competition.

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What Leaders Should Say

As the owner of a business, what you say and how you say it can have an impact on how your business runs. What you say is very revealing about your leadership skills. Knowing what words to use and when to use them can affect the success of the business.

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How to Spur Innovation

Innovation is what makes companies flourish. It’s what distinguishes a company from the others. Innovation should be something that comes from every level of the business, and it has to be encouraged by management. So start with yourself and encourage your employees to keep learning and keep coming up with new ideas. Innovation is the child of new ideas.

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Ask Questions to Employees

As a manager it’s important to give your employees a sense of empowerment. If you encourage staff members to find solutions your staff will function better. Often the best way to empower an employee is to ask questions, rather than simply throw solutions at them. When you respond with questions you tell that person that you value their input. Just handing out an answer to an employee’s question may give that person something to work with but it does nothing to build self assurance. A question or questions encourages that person to start thinking.

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How to Make Social Media Work For You

Make sure that social media really works for your business. If it’s working right your company will benefit from being known on the web. If it’s wrong the brand will suffer. It has to be right.

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How to be an Exceptional Boss

A good boss can learn a lot from others. There are exceptional people doing great things at businesses you are familiar with. Try to watch these people work, if you can. If you can’t do it first hand, speak to people who have insight into the ones you want to learn from. You will always learn from those who have achieved what you hope to accomplish.

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Smart Marketing

Whatever you do, keep it simple. Evaluate your typical consumer and address that customer’s needs. People look for clarity. Make it easy to understand and remember, simple marketing is effective marketing.

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How to Stay Positive

Running a business is easier if you approach everything with a positive attitude. You may be down for any number of legitimate reasons, and this can stand in the way of productivity. Being in a positive state of mind will pull you out of your down mood. Positivity also boosts your effectiveness when everything is going well.

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How to Succeed as a Start-up

There is no easy answer to how to make a start-up business successful. 96 percent of new businesses survive the first year. 85 percent survive three years, and 70 percent make it to five years. Are there ways to ensure success? Well there is no silver bullet, but there are some things that every new entrepreneur should pay attention to.

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How To Be Innovative

Innovation means finding ways to bring unique products to market and differentiating your business from the competition.

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