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How to Build a Real Network

Networking sits near the top of any list on how to run a business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs see networking as building up numbers. This isn’t how to go about networking effectively.

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Business Hobby

How to Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

Many of us dream about turning our favourite pastime into a business. It can be done, but it’s not as simple as it may seem. Just because you know everything there is to know about something, doesn’t mean it translates into a viable business.

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Startup Problems

Problems Facing Small Business Start-ups

Small business start-ups face a significant set of problems that must be dealt with. They range from the general economy to insurance to employee skills. The number of issues faced by all small businesses can be addressed.

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What Men and Women Investors Can Learn From Each Other

It has been said that a woman’s insecurities about investing often lead to smarter investments than the ones made by men. Women, it says, are less likely to make foolish mistakes. Most men say they don’t need help planning for retirement. Most women say they do.

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Must Haves For Small Businesses

IT Security is very important. This means that your important company information is safe and can’t be compromised in any way. All information should be managed in a data centre. More and more businesses are moving that data centre to The Cloud.

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Business group meeting

Starting a Business at 60

It has been said that the 60 year old of today is the 50 year old of the past. There is definitely a different dynamic at work with the current crop of people aged 60 or older. The first thing is to carefully plan a direction to take. Take your time with this and weigh all the options open to you. Make sure the business you choose presents as few risks as possible.

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Downtown Office

Choosing The Right Business Location

Choosing a business location depends on the type of business you are in. It also depends on how your business is positioned. If it’s a local or neighbourhood business, the answer is easy. If it’s a business with a large and diverse customer base, there are more challenges.

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Buying a Franchise

Tips on Buying a Franchise

Many people believe buying a franchise is a quick and smooth way into the business world. Franchises do have many solid positives attached to them and with the right one, there is a lot of money to be made. But franchises have a down side, and it’s important to weigh it all before jumping into a franchise business.

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Business in 2012

The Best Industries for Starting a Business Right Now

The best industries for starting a business now may surprise you. It’s not all tech and Silicon Valley these days. An improving economy has bolstered consumer confidence making a whole new set of business possibilities viable.

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Business Capital

Starting a Business With No Capital

They tell you it can’t be done, but starting a business with no capital can be done. It all begins with the realization that you are limited as to what exactly you’ll do as a business.

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Bad Credit

Starting a Business With Bad Credit

Starting a business with bad credit can be a very challenging proposition. Banks and lenders go to your credit report before having a serious conversation with you. For people wanting to start a business with bad credit, there are a few options available.

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Starting a Business at a Young Age

Starting a business at a young age can be your key to long-term success. Older business people all say “don’t wait, start now!” They will all tell you they wish they had started their business years before they did. For the first time ever, businesses can have worldwide reach without enormous expense and infrastructure. Young entrepreneurs adapt quickly, are tech savvy, and grew up using the technology all businesses need to succeed.

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