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How to Build Strong Teams

Building strong, effective teams is challenge number one for most businesses. It all comes down to assembling a collection of people who can work together to deliver the most effective outcome.

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How to Build a Winning Team

The success of a business depends largely on the effectiveness of employees and managers working together. It’s called a team and it takes careful building to make it right.

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How to Build a Real Network

Networking sits near the top of any list on how to run a business. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs see networking as building up numbers. This isn’t how to go about networking effectively.

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How to Spot a Weak Leader

This may be you. Weak leaders often pose as strong leaders. You may believe you’re a strong, purposeful, effective leader. Sadly, you may not be. Too often people running companies and leading teams are not dependable, not in the know, and not very good at leading a team.

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How to Energize a Staff

Challenging staff in a constructive way helps boost motivation. A entire staff can fall off the program and lose interest only because the jobs they do are no longer challenging. Everyone needs a challenge to work effectively. Encourage your staff to think about not only their jobs but also the bigger picture. They should have their own analysis of the company, how it’s doing and where improvement can be found. Give them the opportunity to be more involved and they will in turn be more invested in everything.

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An Easy Way to Upgrade Company Culture

Companies should schedule regular events. These can be anything from a weekly buffet lunch to barbecues. You can even add games. There is nothing wrong with setting some time aside on and ongoing basis to just let off steam. This brings everyone closer together and this rejuvenates company culture.

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The Real Reason They Quit is The Boss

Employee satisfaction and happiness matter. Company culture plays a huge role in productivity and it also has a meaningful role in why people quit their jobs. It’s the boss. Most people who leave good jobs leave because of the person they report directly to. What does this say about company cultures?

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How to Get The Most Out of Millennials

Millennials are digging in and finding their place in the work world. They run hundreds, maybe thousands of start-up tech companies. They also work for established organizations. They are different. Businesses that want to be where those burgeoning tech companies are better learn how to manage their Millennials.

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How to Make Someone’s Day

As a manager you can really make someone’s day by paying attention to some of the things you say and do. It comes down to attitude. If employees perceive you as an approachable, humble, yet still confident individual, you can make every day special. You can make someone happy.

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How to Get More Done. Really…

You may not believe it but so many of the things we take for granted in our daily business life really consume time and in the end don’t help in getting things done. Here are a few things to think about.

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How to Fight Negativity

Managing is hard enough but dealing with one or more negative staff members can be difficult. Negativity can undermine the best efforts of any team. Don’t confuse negativity with healthy disagreement. Good leaders encourage questions and even debate about projects and initiatives. Negative players have to be redirected into a positive state of mind.

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The Difference Between a Leader and a Manager

Managers can be leaders and probably should be, but this is not always the case. There is a difference between a leader and a manager. A great leader is not necessarily a good manager, and visa versa.

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Repeat Customer

How to Create Repeat Customers

It’s great for a business to have a stream of new customers, but the real backbone of any business is repeat customers. Repeat customers remove the worry of having to rely on new customers all the time. It’s important to have a plan in place to ensure repeat customers.

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Business Man

Are You a Bad Manager?

Managers, especially ones who have held their position for several years, can fall into a routine of maintaining the status quo rather than continually striving for improvement. There are plenty of questions you can ask yourself to determine just how effective a manager you are. Have a look at those questions in this article, and see how you can better your managerial style.

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Let Your Customers Advertise For You

Advertising can be expensive and is often impossible for new businesses, but customers can provide free advertising, if you manage them in the right way. Customers talk to others and anything positive that they take away from your business can very well end up being passed on to someone else. That is free advertising.

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The Power of Word of Mouth

Social media can be important components of building a business, but word of mouth still wins. Discussion about brands and businesses takes place offline among people chatting all the time. People talk at work, they talk in social settings and they talk about businesses they deal with. The power of word of mouth should never be underestimated.

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Woman Writing Notes

Giving Back to Your Community is Good for Business

Stepping up for your community is a good idea, not only because of the good you can do, but also for the benefits it can provide to your business. The act of giving is such a positive thing and it’s something that will make you feel good while benefiting others. As a business person, your [...]

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