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Keep Your Books, Keep Your Money – BizTV Video Feature

With all that a small business owner has to deal with from day to day, the maintenance of immaculate records may not be high on the priority list. Updating your books, though, is an essential practice. In this video feature from BizTV, you’ll see out how monthly, and even quarterly updates to your books can help you save money and stay ahead of the taxman.

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Protect Your Brand – BizTV Video Feature

Your brain may not always produce tangible property, but it’s important to protect what your mind has created. For instance, the images, words, and phrases that identify your business. In this video feature, BizTV explains what intellectual property is, and why you should protect yours.

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Manage Like a CEO – BizTV Video Feature

Managing like a CEO is a good way to run your small business. No matter how small the business, high level management skills will make it a better business. There are a few things that CEO’s always do that will make running your business more successful. Always visualize the things you do Paint a picture [...]

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Incorporate for Success – BizTV Video Feature

Incorporate for Success – BizTV Video Feature
Incorporation is a little more expensive but it can make a very big difference to your business and your life.

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