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Looking for a partner

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    I need a partner for my pastry shop. I’ve operated it alone for five years but I need funding to expand. I don’t know anyone who is interested. How do I find a partner?

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    Partnerships can be very tricky if you are going into them blind. You probably wouldn’t marry someone you had just met, and selecting business partners can be just as important as selecting life partners.
    You might consider incorporating and seeking investors. If you are looking at expanding, this suggests that your business is successful, and successful businesses attract investment in the form of additional shareholders who are willing to put money into your company with the expectation that the value of their shares will increase.
    If you are dedicated to the idea of staying in an unincorporated business structure, be very careful about getting background information on prospective partners. Also, make sure that you have a lawyer draft the partnership agreement.
    Another alternative would be to seek a small business loan. This would allow you to maintain full control, though there would be the downside of having to pay interest on the borrowed capital.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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