Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

Promote to a target market of entrepreneurs and new or growing small businesses.

Access our diverse audience of entrepreneurs by advertising on BusinessConnect™. You can also join our affiliate programs to provide greater exposure to your business.

Visitor demographics

Advertisements on BusinessConnect™ should be targeted towards small business owners and entrepreneurs. BusinessConnect™ is a leading Canadian “portal” to access forums, articles, training, special offers and business directories to promote your business.

Advertisement specifications

Advertisements must adhere within standard web sizes. Advertisements are available throughout our website in several locations. Businesses that would like to advertise must meet our principles for advertising:

  • Advertisements must be easily distinguishable from BusinessConnect™ content.
  • Advertisements may appear as fixed banners or as animated advertisements.
  • The BusinessConnect™ logo or Business Development Centre logo may not appear on commercial websites as a logo or in any other form without prior written approval.
  • BusinessConnect™ reserves the right to not link to or to remove links to other website.
  • You must provide any tracking codes you wish to implement for links directing to your website.

More information

For a list of advertising rates, information or to make an inquiry, please contact us.