Affiliate Publisher Program

Affiliate Publisher Program

Earn more income by referring your website visitors to our products and services.

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Be provided with a new income stream that adds value to your website by referring businesses to the services they need.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Business Development Centre, a leading Canadian company helping entrepreneurs register and incorporate their businesses, government accounts and trademark & copyright applications. We handle domain name registration, email & web hosting, mailbox, & room rental services as well as bookkeeping and various tax reporting services.

With BusinessConnect™, we also offer a variety of other free resources and access to our Merchant service partners to help small businesses succeed.

How it Works

If approved, Business Development Centre becomes a “Publisher” on your website. You introduce our company to your visitors with banners, information and special offers regarding our services. Visitors can then “click-through” to our website to contact us and / or to purchase our services.

Joining our Publisher Program is easy and free. We provide an array of banner designs and sizes along with appropriate text for use on your site that allow “click-throughs” to our site. Each time someone clicks on a Business Development Centre advertisement on your site, and it results in a purchases of one of our products or services, you make money.

If you are not located in Canada, you are still welcome to join our Publisher Program. The Business Development Centre has a set of services designed for people who are new to Canada or reside in another country and want to start a business in Canada.

We pay up to a 10% commission on every sale resulting from the affiliation with you. All you need to do is give us exposure on your website and collect the money. We issue commission payments monthly. We will send you a check approximately 45 days after the end of each month for the referrals you provided us.

Program Details

The affiliate agreement will set out all aspects of the program that we enter into with you.

We also have an Affiliate Merchant Program, Associate Program and a Professional Program that your business may qualify for. If you have any questions about our Affiliate Programs, please feel free to contact us.


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